Event Mobile App: Craft Unforgettable Moments

Allow attendees to access your events at their fingertips. With features tailored to enhance real-time engagement with Eventtia's event mobile app.

Event Mobile App: Craft Unforgettable Moments

The Ultimate Mobile Companion for Every Event

Offer a bespoke, intuitive event mobile app to host unforgettable events and guide your attendees through their journey seamlessly.

Customize your mobile event app

Personalize your event mobile app by including your company’s visual elements and ensuring higher brand exposure.

Deliver tailor-made event experiences

With unique access via email, the event mobile app tailors itself to each attendee. Agenda and features adapt based on attendee type.

Collect metrics that matter

Assess event performance by examining attendees' interactions, from meetings and private chats to exchanging contact details.

Provide relevant information

Provide attendees with essential details like the venue map, activity agenda, and meeting timelines through the event app.

Offer attendees a speaking platform

Create a space for attendee engagement, where they can share event moments through photos, posts, reactions, and discussions.

Enable data exchange

Attendees and speakers can effortlessly exchange contact details by simply scanning a QR code using the event mobile app.

Send updates and notifications

Keep your attendees updated regarding event activities and changes by delivering notifications via event mobile app.

Increase attendee engagement

Engage your attendees through the event mobile app with interactive Q&A sessions, quizzes, games, contests, and live polling.

See Eventtia's Mobile App in Action

Offer Memorable Events at the Tap of a Screen

An adaptable mobile event app tailored for the modern age, seamlessly guiding both virtual and in-person attendees through their entire event experience.

Highlight Your Brand Identity

Use multiple branding functionalities to tailor your event management app, amplifying brand visibility and engagement.

Customize Event Experiences

Design unique and personalized experiences for your attendees based on their types, whether general, VIP, or partners.

Re-engage Event Attendees

Gain access to invaluable attendee data even once the event is over. Tap into detailed insights about participant interactions, preferences, and feedback.

Access the Help of a Dedicated Technical Support Team

Our customer success team assists you in creating engaging event experiences. We provide step-by-step guidance, simplifying the process for your team.

Frequently asked questions

Yes, our event management platform is equipped with a powerful mobile app that is designed to enhance attendees’ experience and provide them with seamless access to event information. The mobile app is available for both iOS and Android devices, ensuring that attendees can easily access event details on their preferred platform.

The event mobile app serves as a centralized hub for all event-related information. Attendees can view the event schedule, access session details, explore speaker profiles, and navigate interactive venue maps. It also provides important updates and notifications, ensuring attendees stay informed and engaged throughout the event.
Absolutely! Our event management platform and event app are designed to support multiple platforms, including both iOS and Android. We understand the importance of reaching a wide audience and ensuring accessibility across different devices. Whether your attendees are using iPhones, iPads, Android smartphones, or tablets, they can easily download and install our event app from their respective app stores. This cross-platform compatibility allows you to cater to a broader range of users and ensures that everyone can access your event information, engage with features, and receive real-time updates regardless of their preferred mobile operating system.
Our mobile event app is designed with user-friendliness in mind, aiming to provide a seamless and intuitive experience for your attendees. We understand that ease of navigation is crucial for a positive user experience, and we have implemented features to ensure just that.
The event app offers a clean and intuitive interface, with clear menu options and easy-to-understand icons. Important information such as event schedules, session details, speaker profiles, and venue maps are organized in a logical manner, making it effortless for attendees to find what they need.
Certainly! When it comes to our event mobile app, we understand the importance of branding and providing a cohesive experience for your event. That’s why we offer customization options to match your branding and event theme. Our event app can be tailored to incorporate your organization’s logo, colors, and visual elements, ensuring a consistent and branded look and feel throughout the platform. Our goal is to provide a personalized and seamless experience for both event organizers and attendees, reflecting the unique identity of your event.
Our mobile app is specifically designed to elevate attendees’ experience by offering a range of interactive features. With the event app, attendees can effortlessly navigate the event, ensuring they never miss out on important sessions or networking opportunities.

Furthermore, the mobile event app facilitates seamless networking by providing tools for attendees to connect with each other. Attendees can exchange contact information, initiate private or group chats, and schedule meetings directly within the event app. This fosters meaningful connections and collaboration among participants, enhancing their overall event experience.
Of course! The mobile event app is a powerful tool for boosting attendee engagement. It offers interactive features such as live polling, Q&A sessions, and real-time feedback mechanisms. Attendees can actively participate in sessions by submitting questions, voting in polls, and providing session ratings and feedback. This level of engagement not only creates a dynamic event environment but also encourages attendees to become active participants rather than passive observers.

Additionally, the mobile event app enables gamification elements and incentivizes attendees to complete certain actions or engage in specific activities. This gamified approach encourages attendees to explore different aspects of the event, interact with sponsors and exhibitors, and earn rewards or badges. By incorporating gamification, the event app promotes a sense of excitement, competition, and engagement among attendees.
The mobile event app serves as a comprehensive source of event information for attendees. It provides detailed event schedules, including session timings, topics, and speaker information. Attendees can access session descriptions, speaker bios, and presentation materials directly within the app for events. The app can also offer an interactive map of the event venue, showcasing session locations, exhibitor booths, and other points of interest.

Moreover, the event app keeps attendees updated with real-time notifications, ensuring they receive important announcements, schedule changes, or reminders about upcoming sessions. It acts as a central communication channel, delivering timely information and facilitating seamless communication between organizers and attendees.
In addition to the core functionalities, our mobile app for events offers a range of additional features to enhance attendees’ experience. These may include:

  • Personalized agendas: Attendees can create their own customized event agendas by selecting sessions, workshops, or activities they wish to attend. The event app will then provide personalized schedules, reminders, and notifications tailored to their preferences.
  • Networking: Attendees can easily network with peers, speakers, sponsors, and exhibitors within the event app, fostering valuable connections and collaboration opportunities.
  • Session feedback and surveys: The app for events enables attendees to provide real-time feedback on sessions, speakers, and overall event experience through surveys or rating systems.
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