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Online Registration for consumer events

Maximize your consumer events’ registration with attractive event pages, customizable registration forms and powerful payment methods.

Online Registration for business events

Amplify your business events’ registration with customizable registration forms, beautiful event pages and powerful payment methods.

Virtual Stage for virtual & hybrid events

With a full range of user-friendly features, Eventtia’s Virtual Stage provides an engaging and fully immersive experience that has thrilled millions of attendees around the world.

Event Mobile App

In just a few minutes, configure and customize an event mobile app, matching your brand guidelines, providing real-time information and offering interactive features to keep your attendees engaged.

Attendee engagement & interactivity

Whether you’re organizing virtual, hybrid, or in-person events, engaging with your attendees is essential to building meaningful connections and ensuring memorable experiences.

Back-office for event organizers

Create and manage events as a group with multiple entities and users. Create templates, duplicates events and access relevant data.

“Eventtia saves you time and money. Within hours, you can put together an intuitive event registration page with key information. It helps streamline event organization and enhances the attendee experience.”

Anthony Zapata
Business development manager at

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With Eventtia’s customization features you can let your sponsors choose how they want to connect with your audience, their way, by making the online event as productive as possible for them.