Discover and explore the Eventtia experience for event attendees as well as for event organizers

Our guided tours will walk you through different event stages, showing you exactly what it's like for your attendees to interact with your event's interface. Also, explore how organizers can make the most out of it when planning an event.

Online Registration

Maximize your event attendance and engagement rates by creating an attractive landing page and offering a hassle-free registration and payment methods.

Virtual Stage

Welcome to our Virtual Stage. With a full range of user-friendly features, we provide an engaging and fully immersive experience that will thrill your remote attendees.

Event Mobile App

Customize our event mobile app to match your branding, providing real-time event information and updates and offering interactive features to keep your attendees engaged.

Attendee Engagement

Whether you’re organizing a virtual, hybrid, or in-person event, engaging with your attendees is essential to building meaningful connections and ensuring a memorable experience.

Ready to get started?

With Eventtia’s customization features you can let your sponsors choose how they want to connect with your audience, their way, by making the online event as productive as possible for them.