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“Eventtia platform lets you easily duplicate event pages you or other members of your organization have done in the past and with a couple of changes you can set up a whole new event at a glance.”

Robertino Fasanella
Consumer Experience & Media Coordinator

“In 2017, I chose Eventtia for its simplicity and user-friendliness. I was seeking a comprehensive solution that could be easily and quickly adopted by our partners, streamlining the group’s event process. Today, we can say that all our event organizers are autonomous in creating events using Eventtia.”

Thomas Morandeau
Pierre Fabre's MICE Director

“Eventtia is the easiest way of managing events thanks to its autonomous use, high quality of help desk support, and focus on improving existing features.”

Emmanuelle Kley
Communication and Events Project Manager

“The customization of the event webpage is top notch. It’s been great to list all of our event info in one place for our guests’ easy reference.”

Alyssa Sands
Event Manager

“The teams are very accessible, responsive, and pleasant to work with. It is a pleasure to collaborate with them. The platform is highly intuitive given the numerous features it offers. A comprehensive event management solution.”

“It is extremely easy to set up, the platform is very stable at all times, and I have even started to use its platform to develop the websites of the events. Everything is integrated and the experience of the entire process, both for the attendees and for the organizers, is excellent.”

“The fact that the enterprises are able to arrange meetings by themselves makes everything easier for the administrator, so we can focus on other important things of the event instead of the logistics of the meetings.”

“Eventtia was the right choice for my virtual event. It was easy to use, easy to configure and overall it's a very visually attractive platform, in comparison to others.”

“My overall experience with Eventtia is really good. Not only at the software level, but also for the human capital it contributes. Both the sales service and the support service have been a clear example of professionalism.”

“The user experience is what I liked the most, the event can be easily navigated, also one can customize the event and build it depending on the different needs of the events.”

“We manage to add more value to our attendees thanks to Eventtia. Features are great and they try to make it easier to manage events.”

“In love with Eventtia. I cannot thank you enough. We started the process with less than three weeks from the mega event (850 participants + 100 panelists), and the team was super efficient. They have a problem-solving approach, and this meant to me as the manager of the event that I could trust them with difficult situations and know that they will respond with quality and in the needed times.”

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