Event Management Software for Retail Companies

Craft personalized in-store experiences and host exceptional brand events to cultivate long-lasting relationships with shoppers.

Event Management Software for Retail Companies

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Foster Excellence and Savoir-Faire in Relationship With Customers

Imagine and create unforgettable interactions between your customers and store managers with our event management software.

Acquire New Customer

With Eventtia, you can run in-person and virtual retail events, expanding your outreach and converting attendees into customers.

Strengthen Clienteling Strategy

Use Eventtia's retail event management software to host events and cross-channel experiences increasing customer life-time value and ensuring recurring sales.

Nurture Brand Loyalty

Cultivate unwavering customer commitment towards your brand, resulting in repeat purchases and preference over competitors.

Amplify Brand Advocacy

Our events platform for retail brands will help you strengthen your brand’s reputation and transform your customers into influential brand advocates.


Plan and Host Multiple Types of Events

From in-store events to exclusive VIP product customization, our all-in-one retail event management platform provides the flexibility and solutions to execute multiple types of retail events.

Choose Between Eventtia’s Pre-built Features and Back-end API Services

Drive long-term growth and revenue expansion with our all-in-one retail event management software with API services.

All-in-One Retail Event Management Software

API-based Event Planning Services

All-in-One Retail Event Management Software

Our event planning software for retail offers a comprehensive package of pre-built features, simplifying the setup and event management process.

Event Page

Online Registration


Automated Emails and SMS

Virtual Events

Attendee Check-in
Mobile App

Attendee Engagement and Feedback

Easy Set-up

Our intuitive and user-friendly interface ensures that even non-technical users can navigate the software effortlessly.

Quick Learning Process

Eventtia allows users to quickly familiarize themselves with the retail event management platform and make the most of its powerful features.

Customizable Solution

Tailor the platform to suit your brand’s identity by adjusting layouts, branding elements, landing pages, and registration forms.

Powerful Integrations

Our all-in-one SaaS solution offers basic integrations with popular services such as Zapier, Stripe, Ayden, Paypal, and more.

API-based Event Planning Services

Leverage our back-end microservices to drive innovation, elevate customer experiences, and unlock new business opportunities.

Appointment Booking

Event Ticketing API

Event Payment API

Attendee Activities API

Virtual Events

Check-in App

Event Merchandising API

Attendee Management

Detailed Documentation

Access up-to-date instructions and ready-to-use snippets that help developers to use the extensive functionalities of Eventtia’s API.


Build personalized integrations, craft add-ons, or develop tailor-made applications to leverage the platform’s capabilities.

Performance and Scalability

Eventtia’s API ensures fast, real-time, and reliable performance, all while catering to the evolving demands of your events strategy.


Use Eventtia’s API to establish secure connections, safeguard sensitive data, and maintain compliance with privacy regulations.

Download Case Study and Get Inspired With Dior

Gain actionable insights into Dior’s exclusive and exquisite clienteling campaign, powered by Eventtia’s all-in-one event management platform.

Enjoy Company-wide Benefits

Unlock a world of possibilities and transform your events strategy into a revenue-generating engine.

Scale Events Strategy

Eventtia allows you to easily scale up the number of events according to your customer relationship vision, reducing the complexity of the logistics.

Monitor Global Event Activity

Eventtia’s built-in analytics dashboards allow your team to track the right event metrics, identify data patterns, and make better decisions.

Standardize Event Planning Processes

Generate event templates containing visual assets, landing pages, registration forms, attendee categorization, invitations, and payment reminders.

Maximize ROI

With a focus on the unique needs of retail brands, our platform simplifies the process of hosting cost-effective events and experiences while optimizing ROI.

One Event Management Software,
Multiple Industries

Eventtia works with a wide range of consumer and luxury retail industries, empowering brands to digitize, execute, and measure their events and experiences on a large scale.

  • Fashion and Apparel
  • Food and Beverage
  • Beauty and Cosmetics
  • Wine and Spirits
  • Health and Wellness
  • Sporting Equipment
  • Home Decoration and Furniture

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With Eventtia’s customization features you can let your sponsors choose how they want to connect with your audience, their way, by making the online event as productive as possible for them.