All-in-One Enterprise Event Management Software To Execute Events at Scale

Manage your events strategy and engage your audience with the most complete and intuitive enterprise event management solution.

Digitize and Scale Your Events Strategy

Automate enterprise event management processes at scale and ensure flawless execution while delivering powerful experiences easily and confidently.

Simplify Your Event Planning Processes

Use one enterprise event management solution to save time, enhance team collaboration and access coherent event data.

Host More Events for Multiple Brands, Globally

Our solution enables you to efficiently manage numerous events across various brands and with many partners globally.

Increase Revenue and Customer Satisfaction

Leverage vital data insights, integrating them directly into your CRM customer relationship management system.

One Enterprise Event Management Platform, Endless Solutions

Craft heartfelt experiences with all-in-one enterprise event management software for in-person, virtual, and hybrid events.

Online Registration

Easily design a registration process that is intuitive and hassle-free, allowing attendees to quickly sign up for your event, while collecting valuable insights about them.

Ticketing and Online Payment

Our user-friendly platform makes designing a hassle-free ticketing experience easy, allowing attendees to purchase tickets conveniently.

Check-in App

Eliminate long lines and manage access easily, creating a seamless and enjoyable experience for your attendees.

Event Marketing

At Eventtia, we offer a suite of event marketing tools and platforms designed to help you reach a wider audience and attract the right attendees.

Event Mobile App

With a range of capabilities, including real-time event updates, personalized agendas, and social networking, our app is the perfect companion for any event.

Virtual Events

From interactive sessions and networking opportunities to live polls and Q&A sessions, our platform provides a wide range of solutions for virtual events.


Our platform provides a range of interactive and engaging features that help attendees to build meaningful connections during your events.

Sponsors and Exhibitors

Access various sponsorship features, from brand activation and promotional materials, to lead tracking and ROI insights.

Expand Your Enterprise Event Strategy on a Global Scale

Eventtia works equally well whether you run one, a hundred, or thousands of events annually. You can easily scale your strategy and run as many events as you want.

Deliver Multichannel and Seamless Brand Experiences

Our enterprise event management platform provides the necessary tools to deliver on-brand experiences that resonate with your audience.

Gain Efficiency and Ensure Higher Impact

Harmonize event planning across your departments and teams, whether you’re part of a smaller company or a multi-brand conglomeration.

Empower Your Teams To Achieve Shared Goals

Our events platform facilitates seamless collaboration between all internal and external stakeholders, from partners and vendors to third-party agencies.

Access Actionable Insights For Better Decisions

Our enterprise event management software gives you access to a wealth of event-related data and insights to help you understand what’s working and what’s not.

Create Unlimited Integrations In Minutes

Eventtia’s API allows you to manage your event data freely, incorporate it into your existing workflows, or create new solutions that suit your needs.

Discover Unparalleled Productivity With Eventtia's Enterprise Features

Our cutting-edge enterprise solutions will allow you to streamline the event management process, optimize your team’s efforts, and maximize outcomes.

Single Sign-On (SSO)

Eventtia empowers enterprises to manage all their users from a single, centralized directory. SSO streamlines user administration and facilitates a smooth and integrated event management experience.

White Label

Eventtia's white-label feature allows businesses to fully personalize their event management platform, integrating their branding elements. This ensures a consistent brand experience, delivering a platform that truly feels like theirs.

Unlimited API Calls

Our enterprise event management platform seamlessly blends with your current processes and applications. This integration promotes optimized workflows, heightened efficiency, and improved capabilities for managing data.

Audit Logs

Eventtia’s Audit Logs feature offers administrators a comprehensive record of account activities, bolstering accountability and security. This feature also eases adhering to regulatory requirements, making compliance straightforward and hassle-free.

Custom Event Portal

With Eventtia, businesses can expand their strategy from hosting a single event to managing thousands annually. Furthermore, they can develop bespoke event portals designed to highlight and advertise their events from past, present, and upcoming.

Role-based Access

Enterprises can designate specific user roles, determining their access to various features and information. This safeguards data security and upholds the principle of privilege separation, ensuring access is granted exclusively to approved users.

Data Lake Integration

Enterprises can link their event data with their existing data lake. This connection facilitates sophisticated analytics, data mining, and machine learning capabilities, providing valuable insights into attendee behavior and overall event performance.

White Glove Support

Enterprises benefit from custom, dedicated, and expert support from the Eventtia team, encompassing all facets of their event management. This guarantees a simplified process for event production.

SLA and Support

Businesses using Eventtia can have peace of mind knowing their events are well-managed, thanks to our strong service level agreement (SLA) and continuous support, guaranteeing exceptional service.

More Than Just Tech, Eventtia Is Your Trusted Partner

Ongoing support

Eventtia’s team will help you integrate our enterprise event management system with your workflows and succeed in your day-to-day operations.

Extensive expertise

We have a decade of experience developing event planning solutions and accompanying worldwide brands in their events strategy.

Collaborative Approach

Our team’s spirit of partnership and ambitious technological vision allows us to develop long-term collaborations with our customers.

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