Event Management Software for Universities and Higher Education

Amplify the impact of your educational events with a robust event software designed to facilitate idea exchange and networking.

Event Management Software for Universities and Higher Education

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One Event Management Platform,
Endless Solutions

Craft heartfelt experiences with all-in-one enterprise event management software for in-person, virtual, and hybrid events.

Online registration

Design custom registration forms, allowing attendees to quickly and easily sign up for your events, while collecting valuable insights about them.

Ticketing and online payment

Our user-friendly platform makes designing a hassle-free ticketing experience easy, allowing attendees to purchase tickets conveniently.

On-site check-in app

Eliminate long lines and manage access easily, creating a seamless and enjoyable experience for your attendees.

Event marketing

At Eventtia, we offer a suite of event marketing tools and solutions designed to help you reach a wider audience and attract the right attendees.

Event mobile app

With a range of capabilities, including real-time event updates, personalized agendas, and social networking, our app is the perfect companion for any event.

Virtual events

From interactive sessions and networking opportunities to live polls and Q&A sessions, our platform provides a wide range of solutions for virtual events.


Our platform provides a range of interactive and engaging features that help attendees to build meaningful connections during your events.

Event calendar

Allow your website visitors to access and search for any of your past, current, and future events.

Unlock a World of Benefits for Your Events

Access everything in one place

Centralize your event planning processes in one platform, making it easy to manage every aspect of your events.

Effortlessly manage university and college events of all sizes

Eventtia is the go-to planning platform for events of all sizes. Our event management tools empower you to plan and execute every aspect of your events with ease.

Impress your attendees with unforgettable experiences

Make it easy for your attendees to register and access event information. Our user-friendly design guarantees a positive experience for all attendees.

Access detailed reporting and actionable insights

Our built-in analytics dashboards allow university staff to track the right event metrics and make informed decisions for ongoing planning optimization.

Clone existing events to save time and effort

Our event management software for universities and colleges enables you to plan and replicate events with consistent quality and content.

Optimize your events budget and ROI

Eventtia's advanced event planning and management solutions for universities and higher education institutions facilitate processes and optimize expenses.

More than a Tech Provider,
Eventtia is a Trusted Partner

Ongoing Support

Eventtia’s team helps you integrate our enterprise event management system with your workflows and succeed in your day-to-day operations.

Extensive Expertise

Benefit from a decade of experience developing event planning solutions and accompanying world-renowned universities.

Collaborative Approach

With a strong partnership culture, our team likes develop efficient and long-term collaborations with our clients.

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