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Eventtia is the go-to planning platform for events of all sizes. Our state-of-the-art event management tools empower you to effortlessly plan, execute, and manage every aspect of your event with ease.

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Eventtia's user-centered approach makes it easy for your attendees to register, access event schedules and information, and interact with other people. Whether you're planning a small seminar or a large-scale conference, our user-friendly design guarantees a positive experience for all attendees.

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Optimize the outcomes of your university event with our data-driven solutions. Our built-in analytics dashboards allow university staff to track the right event metrics and make informed decisions for ongoing planning optimization.

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Revolutionize your recurring educational event management with Eventtia. Our ultimate event software for universities and colleges enables you to plan, execute, and replicate events with consistent quality and content, building a stronger brand with every event.

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Eventtia makes it easy to run cost-effective events while increasing your return on investment. Our advanced event planning and management tools for universities and higher education institutions help you streamline your processes and cut unnecessary expenses, allowing you to focus on what’s important: creating unforgettable experience.

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Don't compromise on data security and privacy. Eventtia allows you to ensure complete compliance and control over your event and attendee data. Our event platform for universities integrates with GDPR regulations, giving you data ownership and peace of mind.

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Frequently asked questions

Whether you need the answers to an event-related problem or you would just like to hear more about our virtual event software, we’re all ears!
Most of the best practices and principles we’d use in planning regular events would apply when planning a university (campus) event.

However, there are several unique considerations we should have when planning a university event:

  • Campus event guidelines: each university would have its own campus event guidelines; some may be stricter than others. These guidelines can limit the types of events you can plan/host, choice of sponsors, and you may also be permitted to host the event on certain dates.
  • Budget: not always, but typically we’ll have a more limited budget in planning a university event than a comparable for-profit event.

  • However, the core activities when planning a university event remains pretty similar to planning a regular event:

    1. Defining your goals: What is the purpose of hosting this university event in the first place? What is the key objective to pursue?
    2. Identifying target audience: Deciding on the type of audience to target according to the event’s goals. The better we understand this target audience, the better we can host the university event.
    3. Decide the event format and theme: Pretty self-explanatory, deciding on the type and theme of the event according to the target audience’s preferences.
    4. Estimating budget: Prepare a budget and allocate it to the event’s objectives.
    5. Approaching sponsors: Securing funding via sponsorship
    6. Promotion: Promoting the event to attract more attendees
    7. Preparation: Hire vendors, prepare the event, etc.
    8. Execution: Hosting the event
    9. Evaluation: Post-event evaluation to identify its performance against objectives.

    Leveraging Eventtia as your all-in-one event management software for universities and colleges can help you in all of these event planning phases to host a successful university event.
A good event is one that meets its objectives, and since an event’s objectives can vary, there’s no one-size-fits-all answer to this question.

All good university events should have elements these in common:

  1. Health and safety first: This factor is always important for any events in universities as educational institutions, but is obviously even more important in this post-pandemic era.
  2. Networking: Whether the event can facilitate genuine connection with others, whether it’s face-to-face interactions in in-person events or online interactions in virtual/hybrid events.
  3. Great content: All good university events should be exciting and should offer something new.
  4. Venue/location: For in-person university events, location and onsite experience matter a lot.

Again, ultimately a good event is one that meets its objectives and with positive ROI, effectively utilizing available resources to achieve its objectives.
An event management software solution is a technology solution designed to help you plan, run, and manage your university event from start to finish.

An all-in-one event management software for universities like Eventtia could help you in:

  • Online registration and ticketing
  • Mass mailing
  • Collecting payments via Stripe, Paypal, Payu, Adyen, Mercado Pago and more.
  • Providing a space to your sponsors and partners
  • Ensuring attendee engagement
  • Monitoring and managing attendee engagement
  • Analytics and reporting to help you better events
While the answer to this question can vary depending on the size and type of the university event, among other factors, in general, we’d advise you to start planning for the event as early as you can.

If it’s a relatively large university event (i.e., with more than 500 attendees), try to start putting plans in place as early as six months before the event’s D-day.

The earlier you start planning for your event and estimating your budget, the more options you’ll have regarding venue, talent, and vendors.

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