On-site Check-in App for Seamless Attendee Experiences

Reduce waiting lines at your events' venues, and provide powerful monitoring capabilities for your teams, on site.

On-site Check-in App for Seamless Attendee Experiences
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Manage and Monitor Attendee Access with QR Code Scanning

Manage multiple events simultaneously, involving different staff members, with or without internet connectivity.

Control access to events

Scan attendee check-in QR codes to collect venue and room access insights.

Register attendees on site

Enable on-site manual registration of attendees, ensuring easy and accurate entry of their information.

Control access to sessions

Restrict access to event sessions or evaluate their success by monitoring attendee traffic.

Create and monitor checkpoints

Verify attendee presence in designated areas, as well as the fulfillment of actions like collecting gifts or lunch boxes.

Access real time reports

Get real-time reports to monitor the number of attendees, their locations, and identify the most attended sessions.

Integrate with CRM systems

Automate the process of updating attendee information in your CRM, capturing new leads, and recording event interactions.

Use One App for Efficient Attendee Management at Your events

Offer easy access to your event or particular activities through our user-friendly check-in solution, compatible with iOS and Android devices.

Reduce the Waiting Time

Boost attendee satisfaction rates with quick entry, minimized wait times, and efficient foot-traffic management.

Provide Omnichannel Experiences

Create flexible registration options. Allow attendees to sign up for your events online or directly at the venue.

Evaluate the Performance of Event Sessions

Generate detailed access reports, offering an in-depth summary of attendee check-ins for a particular activity.

Access the Help of a Dedicated Technical Support Team

Our customer success team assists you in creating engaging event experiences. We provide step-by-step guidance, simplifying the process for your team.

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