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5 Event Logistic Challenges You Can Solve with a Mobile Event App

Victoria Rudi
June 28, 2019

This article highlights how adding a mobile event app to your conference or strategy can help you overcome any unforeseen logistics challenges.

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One of the biggest challenges event planners face is making sure the logistics keep moving and the schedule stays on track. One misstep in the itinerary could throw off the entire conference or trade show.

Up to date technology and advanced planning are vital in making sure the event keeps running smoothly. Thanks to advances in technology and the use of mobile event apps event planners can now plan and manage events more efficiently.

In this article, we look at five common event logistics challenges and how mobile event apps can help you overcome any roadblocks.

1. Avoid hold-ups at registration and streamline the check-in experience


Thanks to mobile apps, the registration process doesn’t have to take forever. Say goodbye to long lines at the registration area and allow event attendees to check-in on the app before they arrive.

A short and sweet check-in streamlines the registration process making it easier on your staff and attendees to jump-start their event experience. Your team can scan attendee’s registration access at the door, and they can go about their day.

2. Receive direct feedback from attendees


Mobile event apps are a great way to capture instant feedback from attendees. You’ll be able to gauge a sense of attendee satisfaction through polls and surveys and make any necessary changes to improve the event experience.

The technology today allows event planners the chance to view data and analytics unlike before. The opportunity to pivot and adjust the itinerary on-site is game-changing for event organizers.

3. Prompt engagement and improve networking opportunities for event attendees


An event mobile app gives attendees a chance to network, connect, and message each other all through the interface of their smartphone.

This is a simple way to boost engagement and let attendees create meaningful connections with other conference participants.

They’ll be able to discover who’s attending, set appointments, and post status updates from the event about their experience.

4. Provide a fully customizable agenda


Event attendees crave personalized experiences and as an event organizer, it’s your job to provide each individual attending the show with an intimate experience. In your mobile event app, attendees can customize their own agendas based on their interests and personas.

They have the opportunity to build the schedule they want. If you’re looking to make the experience hyper-personalized, you can tailor the app content and messaging based on their interests.

This can make a big conference or trade show feel small and intimate. This also ensures that each attendee gets the most out of their event experience and connects with like-minded professionals.

5. Push out important updates and scheduling changes


Scheduling changes happen all the time during conferences and trade shows and being able to update event attendees at a large show can be a challenge.

An event mobile app solves this problem because you’ll be able to notify event attendees of any scheduling changes and important updates through push notifications on their smartphone.

Some useful announcements you’ll want to send to attendees through the mobile app are session alerts, mealtime updates, polls, surveys, speaker information, venue information, wireless information, and transportation updates. Push notifications help keep attendees engaged and connected throughout the event.

In conclusion

Event apps help streamline the logistics process and ensure that every little detail remains organized as planned. A well-organized event is one where event attendees have a great experience and aren’t aware of any behind the scenes chaos.

Incorporating a mobile app into your event strategy has several benefits when trying to plan a successful event. A mobile event app has many great features that will help boost engagement, keep attendees informed, make a large event feel small, and allow organizers the opportunity to receive feedback in real time.

All of the tips above are a few ways an event app will benefit your conference or trade show experience. Remember, when planning a successful event that the ultimate goal is to make sure you and your guests have fun.

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Victoria Rudi
Marketing director
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