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7 Experiential Activities on a Low Budget

Victoria Rudi
June 20, 2019

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The desire to impress our attendees is not always aligned with our resources. Sometimes we have to get creative and find ways we can impress people on a low budget. This article will give you some ideas about the low-cost, yet quality experiential activities you can offer your guests.

Social program activities are just as important and meaningful as the event agenda itself.

After intense sessions packed with knowledge and insights, your guests will be eager to continue their attendance journey with some ludic experiences.

These activities spice up the program and usually stay in people’s memories for a long time (usually longer than the memory of the event itself).

So even if you have a tight budget, you can’t deprive your attendees of enjoying these social activities. On the contrary, sometimes a restricted budget may help you become more creative and come up with some unusual, yet delightful ideas.

To help you figure out how to offer your guests truly unforgettable moments, we’ve put together a list of experiential activities you can include in your event program that, apart from being fun, are easy on the wallet.

Idea #1. A soirée in an art gallery


A significant example of art gallery soirées is the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao. The museum usually hosts cocktail dinners for attendees of different international conferences, combining both art and culinary.

Of course, you probably don’t live in Bilbao or have a Guggenheim Museum right next to your office.

However, this doesn’t mean you can’t explore the art options your city has to offer and make connections with museum and gallery directors or event coordinators.

Chances are that you’ll discover, at an advantageous price, the opportunity to take your attendees to the gallery for a nice soirée where they can enjoy both beautiful masterpieces and each other’s company.

Idea #2. An unusual city tour


We all know the typical tourist paths of our cities. In most cases, these are the routes we often avoid when getting to work or going out with friends. These places are usually filled with tourists and don’t offer anything extraordinary.

However, you likely have some hidden gems in the heart of your city that you can share with your attendees.

Take this chance to explore your city (with or without the help of a guide) and design a different route for your guests. It doesn’t require too many resources, and your attendees will enjoy it a lot.

Idea #3 Urban or street golf


Hilarious and low-cost, urban golf can be an excellent activity for your guests. Compared to traditional golf, the holes aren’t the usual sand traps, but rather street furniture and drains.

Urban golf requires a lot of creativity and sometimes comes with unexpected environmental incidents, such as dogs not kept on leashes chasing the balls. Usually these courses can be 9 or 18 holes, and it’s a unique experience that will keep your attendees highly engaged.

Idea #4. Experiential gastronomy


How about inviting a chef who could cook a special dish for your guests? It can be a sushi master or a high-end cuisine expert.

Or maybe it can be a Michelin-restaurant chef who can hold a master class for your attendees.

Obviously, the last option can be a bit more expensive than a regular chef, but you never know. However, the idea is to invite your attendees to take part in a culinary class where they can learn a few things and enjoy getting to know each other (and enjoy some great food, too!).

Idea #5. A cocktail mixology show


Another option is to organize the bar for a cocktail mixology show. This is something highly entertaining and will grab your guests’ attention. It’s a show that doesn’t require a complicated setup and can lift people’s mood.

Idea #6. A guacamole contest


Since we’re talking about catering, how about challenging your guests to a guacamole contest? Set up some tables, organize the attendees into groups, and dare each group to prepare the best guacamole ever.

The activity is simple and doesn’t require too many products.

And after all, how hard is to prepare guacamole? At the end, after the judges choose the winning group, everyone gets to enjoy their guacamole with nachos and some drinks.

Idea #7. Run or bicycle through the city


Combining sports and the city discover can be an interesting and usual way to entertain your guests.

Obviously, you can (and should) make this activity optional, since not everyone is able to run or bike for various reasons.

But you can rent bicycles for your guests and help them take in some beautiful scenery while getting some exercise (which is proven to boost endorphins).

Get creative and don’t be afraid of experimenting

If this list isn’t convincing enough, there’s one place where you can go to outsource some awesome ideas for experiential activities on a low budget. You might be surprised, but if you check out the Airbnb website and look at the different experiences offered, you can discover an impressive amount of activities locals offer to tourists.

From craft beer tours to nature photography sessions, there’s no shortage of inspiration.

Check it out and find the option that suits you best.

I’m sure you’ll discover some extremely creative ideas that you can immediately apply to your event and delight your attendees.


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