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The Best Way to Plan Chamber of Commerce Networking Events

Victoria Rudi
June 22, 2017

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As a chamber of commerce representative, you probably hate planning networking events.  No, we can’t read your mind, but after working with so many business groups around the world, we understand your pain. Apart from the event logistics, you’re also responsible for matching the offer with demand and manually scheduling countless of business meetings between your guests. It’s no wonder why running chamber of commerce networking events isn’t the most gratifying experience.

As SelectUSA International Trade Advisor Jacqueline Vitello notes, before adopting the right technology solution to enable event attendees’ access to high-quality meetings, SelectUSA would organize B2B meetings using Excel spreadsheets and emails.

The team would send numerous emails asking participants what their networking preferences and needs were and would then schedule the networking meetings manually based on those responses. Vitello highlighted that for some very large events, it was impossible to organize one-on-one meetings.

On the other hand, Hélène Tinti, The Head of Open innovation at Paris Region Entreprises, highlights that there are several chamber of commerce networking events, so it’s necessary to differentiate yourself by offering high-quality, beneficial meetings for the participants. Until recently, though, it was almost impossible to do so, because the planner of chamber of commerce networking events had no other solution than to manually organize all the B2B meetings in a very outdated way.

Considering the problems our clients from SelectUSA and Paris Region Entreprises were struggling with, we came up with a quick and easy way of planning massive B2B meetings.

Our solution was to offer them a powerful B2B matchmaking platform, which would help you to:

Do things easily and efficiently



Your guests will be able to check the list and the availability of the attendees or companies they would like to interact with. Subsequently, participants can request to schedule meetings with those guests that present specific interest for them. No more scheduling endless meetings between participants, using Excel spreadsheets. What a relief, isn’t?

Run chamber of commerce networking events for large audiences



As Jacqueline Vitello pinpoints, by using a B2B matchmaking platform, organizers have the power to scale the events and forget about the numbers. Thus, when it comes to complex events and planning processes—as in the case of managing the networking for over 3,000 attendees—adopting technology solutions is necessary.

Connect (for real!) the offer with demand



By using our B2B matchmaking platform, you can ask your guests to specify their preferences and interests. You can enable the “I’m offering” and “I’m looking for” modes to help attendees articulate their networking goals. Moreover, they’ll be able to check their compatibility with other guests and decide with whom they want to meet. Now you can tell your attendees with absolute certainty that you can truly connect the offer with demand.

Run professional networking events



B2B matchmaking lets you create the perfect networking experience for your attendees from scratch. First, you’ll have the appropriate context to evaluate your guests’ profiles to make sure they each have something to offer or add professional value to other attendees. Second, you’ll be able to decide how and when people can meet each other. Finally, you’ll determine the topics of these meetings by having attendees complete a networking form before the event.

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After deciding to focus on 1-on-1 meetings using our B2B matchmaking platform, Hélène Tinti noticed, “The format allows us to guarantee the value of the meetings. It saves a lot of time for participants who get a maximum of relevant contacts in a short period of time.”

Only a powerful B2B matchmaking platform will help you stand out from the multitude of chamber of commerce networking events, by helping your guests to maximize their time and gain access to meaningful connections.


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Discover how Eventtia helps world-leading brands digitize and scale their events

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