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How to Choose the Best Venue for an Immersive Brand Experience

Victoria Rudi
August 10, 2017

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Delivering an immersive brand experience starts with selecting an event venue. The venue will set the stage to the look and feel of the event. But with the venue influencing such a big part of how the event will feel, it’s important to choose the best venue that will deliver on experience.

Here are a few things to consider when choosing the best venue for an immersive brand experience.

Location of the Venue



There are so many things to consider when it comes to selecting an event venue for an immersive brand experience. Location is one of them. Your attendees’ arrival to the event will impact how they perceive and experience the rest of the event. So you may want to consider if your venue is accessible via public transportation or not, especially if there will be alcohol served.

For locations that are outside the city, your attendees will likely be cabbing in or driving. If attendees will be driving, is there ample parking on-site? Or, will you be able to hire a valet service if parking could be a potential bottleneck to attendees arriving? For destination venues that compliment the brand, you may want to consider assisting with the attendee arrival piece by providing the transportation if your budget allows.

Venue Layout



When you’re considering different venues, focus on how the event layout can compliment your brand experience. The venue layout can inform what the flow of your event will be so you can help plan experiences along the way. For example, if you want attendees to explore and discover something new at the event, a venue that has many levels (like a museum or a library) could be a fantastic backdrop. But if the brand experience you’re going to create is a shared experience, having the event take place in a ballroom could be a better fit.

Considering the venue layout will also expose any potential accessibility issues that could arise. Knowing how attendees will come in and out of your event should be high on the list of priorities before you book it.

Local Flavor



Some of the most memorable brand experiences take into consideration the local flavor of a city or neighborhood. So before you book the venue, pull inspiration from the local city and weave it into your event. Is there a must-try cuisine that could work well with your brand experience’s catering menu? Understanding how your caterer (or your venue’s preferred caterer) can deliver on your vision for food and beverage will contribute to the brand experience you’re building.

Likewise, many cities and neighborhoods have unique points of interest that can contribute positively to the brand experience. For example, is there something that makes the city special, like art, music, architecture, or the like that can complement the brand experience you’re trying to build? Weave these elements into the event design to give attendees authenticity to neighborhood or city where you’re hosting the event.

Venue Amenities



One last consideration when it comes to selecting a venue for an immersive brand experience: amenities. Depending on the experience you plan on creating will demand different event amenities. For example, if your event will involve attendee engagement using video, you’ll need a venue with some reliable wifi. Or, if your event is heavy on the decor side, a venue that is more of a blank canvas will work well versus planning in a venue with a built-in design. Some venues also have furniture that you can rent but always consider if it will support the vision and experience you are trying to create. If it doesn’t work with your event design, be sure to include a line item in your budget for custom furniture.

Do you have any other tips on choosing the best venue for an immersive brand experience? Share them in the comments below or tweet them to us @socialtables!



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