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How to Easily Manage Your Event Guest List [Eventtia feature]

Victoria Rudi
August 2, 2017

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Efficiently managing an event guest list is crucial for carrying out tasks such as facilitating the check-in process, targeting pre- and post-event communication, having better control over the access to different event activities, etc. By having clear segmentation criteria, you can take good advantage of your event guest list and use it for different purposes. Here’s a quick list of some additional benefits your guest list can provide:

Benefit 1. Personalize your emails

When dealing with different types of guests (speakers, VIP, exhibitors, participants, etc.), event professionals usually need to send various emails, tailoring the messages according to the guests’ profiles. You won’t communicate the same things to speakers as to exhibitors. An event guest list helps you efficiently organize your audience and decide how to personalize these emails.

Benefit 2. Invite people to private events or dynamics

Another great highlight of an event guest list is that it gives you the ability to segment your public and as well as the possibility to send special invitations to one specific attendee type; for example, inviting VIP guests or speakers to a private cocktail party that you’ve planned exclusively for them.

Benefit 3. Organize the data about your guests

Having an event guest list lets you easily track the real-time status of each attendee. Who has registered, but not paid yet? Who has purchased a student ticket, but still needs to present a certificate to prove his or her university enrollment? A good event guest list usually helps you more easily visualize each attendee’s current status.

However, trying to organize the event guest list, not really understanding who’s who … how many errors do we make and how many frustrating hours do we all usually waste on this?

That’s why you need an efficient event management software to help you out. Eventtia can save you lots of time and stress.

Here’s how you can manage your event guest list with just a few clicks.

Step 1. Go to Attendees and then click Guests.

Step 2. Click Add to export your Excel event guest list.

Step 3. Go to Browse, select the Excel list, and click Next.

Step 4. Check the profile of your guests.

As you can see, managing an event guest list with Eventtia is the easiest thing you’ll do when planning your next event. So do yourself a favor and start automatizing this procedure.

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Discover how Eventtia helps world-leading brands digitize and scale their events

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