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How to Run a Product Launch Event the Right Way

Victoria Rudi
May 10, 2019

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When Tesla or Ikea launch a new product, they don’t just put it in stores and let consumers start shopping. They strategically plan a launch event to generate buzz about their new products. In this blog post, we’ll discuss how to successfully plan a product launch event.

Run a product launch - The right way

Developing a new product is an exciting but long and stressful journey.

You’ve spent months fine-tuning the launch strategy and product road map, now it’s ready to launch. Congratulations, you’ve made it this far.

Now that your product is almost available to debut to the world, it’s time to start planning your product launch event. Here are a few tips on how to plan a memorable event.

Location, Location, Location

Event Location Icon

The perfect launch event always starts with selecting the right venue. When deciding on the ideal place for launching your product, always keep your target audience in mind. Do they typically enjoy in-person events or online experiences?

These details matter because choosing the right venue to launch your product is a critical element in determining the success of your event. If you opt for an in-person event, selecting a jaw-dropping venue that people aren’t expecting will help increase product sales and generate new customer engagement.

Decide on how many people you want to attend and make sure the venue can accommodate your party. Sometimes a more intimate experience is just as impactful as a larger event.

It’s all about timing

Timing on launch of products

Timing is everything when launching a new product. There’s nothing worse than launching a product on a major news day and your announcement gets lost in the shuffle.

Research events happening in the area and read the local business section of the newspaper to identify trends in new announcements. You will want to tease the product announcement a few days before your event to build some intensity around the launch.

Your event should be held at least two to three days before your product launch.

In some instances, you might want to host the launch event a few weeks before the actual reveal. Perhaps your product is the perfect item for back to school season, in this case, you’ll want to tease the announcement before teachers and students return from the summer holiday.

What’s the theme?

Theme of launch event

Every good party has a theme!

Choosing a theme for your party that aligns with the branding for your product. Have a little fun with creating a theme, this is the time that a spotlight will be put on your product and chance for attendees to engage with it for the first time.

If you’re launching a new food and beverage, host a series of pop-up restaurants with menu items using the product.

This will showcase how attendees can use the product at home or in a restaurant. You could also add a fun hashtag tied to the theme on all promotional materials and invites so event attendees can share their experience on social media.

Who makes the guest list?

Make a guest list

Strategically invite people you know that already have an interest in your brand or product. Think of your guests as your brand ambassadors. They are people who are going to advocate for your product to remain in the marketplace.

The list should include local celebrities, influencers, local businesses who might use your product, politicians, peers, and current customers.

Your guest list should also include prospective customers who might be interested in buying your new product. Think about who you currently serve and who you are looking to invest in your brand.

Partner up to amplify your message

Partnership to launch a product

Want your announcement to have some extra legs? Form a partnership with another business in your network to garner some attention to your new products. Brands do this all the time.

For example, food and beverage companies will partner with a major grocery retailer to give them exclusivity to sell the product only in their stores for a limited period after the launch. This is an opportunity to generate publicity for your new product and reach a new target audience that you may have missed.


Launching a new product is a critical moment for any company.A product launch event is the first opportunity to showcase your new product or service to the world.

These pieces of advice will allow your target audience to experience how the product or service works and benefits them. Remember to have fun planning your party and set realistic expectations.

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