Build Your Own Event Ticketing Plaform, Powered by Eventtia

Sell event tickets, facilitate secure online payments, and ensure safe checkout processes for attendees.

Build Your Own Event Ticketing Plaform, Powered by Eventtia
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Event Ticketing Platform for Maximized Tickets Sales

Create, publish and manage your own event ticketing on your website.

Build a beautiful page or website

Enable your audience to purchase tickets on your website, or build a custom website with the help of Eventtia

Segment attendees and facilitate group registration

Sort participants according to specific criteria and allow a single individual to register multiple attendees.

Set up early-bird tickets and time-based pricing

Provide reduced prices or early-bird specials for early registrations, with rates increasing as the event date approaches.

Propose coupons and discount codes

Attendees can apply coupons and discount codes at checkout to lower the price of their tickets.

Sell merchandise and enable singing up to activities

Permit attendees to register for event activities and buy merchandise while completing their payments.

Offer flexible payment options

Enable attendees to pay using their preferred methods, including credit card, Google Pay, Apple Pay, Klarna, and others.

Produce tickets, badges with QR code and invoices

Automate the creation of personalized tickets, badges with QR code and invoices upon registrations and payments.

Send confirmation emails and SMS notifications

Guarantee that participants instantly receive confirmation of their registration along with crucial event information directly.

Manage attendees on-site check-in

Reduce waiting lines at your events' venues, and provide powerful monitoring capabilities for your teams, on site.

Integrate with your CRM

Automate the process of updating attendee information in your CRM, capturing new leads, and recording event interactions.

Access Advanced Features and Services through API Integrations

Develop and enhance customized event workflows using the modular API components and endpoints provided by Eventtia.

Facilitate Registration with Advanced Event Ticketing and Payment Solutions

Customizable event experiences

Eventtia's event management platform offers engaging attendee experiences.

Quick setup, flawless events

Uncomplicated and fast-paced - that's how event planning should be. Turn lengthy event logistics into concise action items.

Full control over event data management

Monitor event data and make real-time adjustments with our event management platform.

Benefit from Round-the-clock Customer Support

Our customer success team is proud to provide help and support to thousands of brands and organizations around the world.

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