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When it comes to quality and excellence, we at Eventtia believe in helping our clients to provide the best experiences ever to their attendees. To make this happen, we're offering you an entire set of planning features you can use right away.

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Event Management Software

Our event management software is 100% user-friendly and easy to use, it simplifies the logistic processes considerably, and it enables your team to plan awesome events.

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Event online registration feature - Event planning tool box - EVENTTIA

Online registration

Online registration is at the core of our event management software. We designed our events platform, integrating a full-featured registration and ticketing module.

Events payment processing - event software features  - EVENTTIA

Payment and invoices

Generate and send personalized invoices easily. Thanks to our integrations with PayPal, PayU and Stripe, you can start receiving online payments immediately.

Mobile check-in funtionality


By using our check-in mobile app, you’ll finally be able to avoid long waiting lines at the entrance, also effortlessly managing the access flow.

Badges design functionality

Print Badges

By using our planning system, you can design and print badges easily. Whether you want to generate e-badges or print them on site, we have your back.

Fair promo codes functionality icon

Discount coupons and early bird tickets

Discounts and coupon codes are the surest way to your audience’s heart. You can offer them as an incentive for those guests who’ll spread the word about your event.

Attendee tracking functionality icon

Attendee tracking

We’ve simplified the attendee tracking processes. Know what your guests are doing while attending your event and improve their experience.

Mass mailing campaign functionality icon

Event campaign

If you want to efficiently promote your event, be ready to send emails. Our EMS integrates a powerful engine that allows you to send targeted emails.

Manage attendee list functionality

Attendee management

Managing an event guest list is crucial for carrying out tasks such as facilitating the check-in, targeting the communication, and controlling the access to different event activities.

Event program funtionality icon

Event program

Often, your event might have a large variety of activities, conferences, or workshops. We built a system that lets you configure those dynamics, allowing the attendees to register for them.

Task workflow to distribute event management job funtionality

Task manager

Eventtia enables you to gain full control over the workflow when planning and running events. Having access to a powerful task manager, you'll be fully equipped to manage better the work of your team.

Event team collaboration Eventtia functionality

Team collaboration and permission management

Using our event management software, you'll be able to easily manage the collaboration between your team members and issue as many user permissions as you consider necessary.

Event attendee surveys functionality

Event surveys

Discover what your attendees think about your event. Set up in or during or post-event surveys and find out everything you need to know to improve the guest experience.


B2B Matchmaking Platform & Networking

Eventtia offers you one of the most advanced and easy-to-use matchmaking tools to help your attendees build meaningful connections during networking events or sessions.

B2B Meetings Software illustration
B2B Meeting profiles functionality icon

Networking profiles

Segment your audience and facilitate the matchmaking between different groups such as buyers and sellers, entrepreneurs and investors, etc.

Design effective networking groups with forms icon

Networking forms

Design effective networking forms to learn what your attendees are looking for or have to offer during their interactions with other guests.

Modular agenda for B2B networking functionality

Modular agendas

Our platform enables your attendees to schedule short one-on-one meetings. Your guests can do it by accessing a private online space with personal log-in credentials.

Pre-event interaction platform functionality

Pre-event engagement

Encourage your guests to connect with other participants and get to know each other by offering them a pre-event online interaction platform.

Business categories on B2B matchmaking and event networking funtionality

Business categories

When designing your B2B networking event, you'll have the possibility to segment your attendees in two business categories: "I'm looking for" and "I'm offering."

B2B Attendee Notifications funtionality

Attendee notifications

The system will send your attendees meeting request alerts, creating the networking schedule automatically. Also, it will inform the participants about the latest event updates.

B2B event countdown functionality

Time segmentation and meeting duration

Choose the exact time frameworks when guests can book the meetings. Also decide the duration of the meetings by setting up the amount of time you consider necessary.

B2B meeting appointment assignation

Meeting space assignation

Eventtia allows you to automatically determine the meeting spaces (tables or stands) for the one-on-one meetings.


Event Mobile App

Upgrade the impact of your events with the best mobile experience. Intuitive and user-friendly, we developed a fully customizable event mobile app you can use to plan flawless events and design memorable dynamics for your attendees.

Event Mobile App functionality illustration
Progressive App on your event website functionality

Progressive application

You won't have to ask your attendees to download the event app from Google Play or App store anymore. They can access it directly from their browser with just a click.

Personalized agendas for attendees on event mobile app EVENTTIA functionality

Personalized agendas

Empower your attendees to decide how their event agenda should look like, by enabling them to decide which activities they want to attend.

Send SMS messages to your event subscribers EVENTTIA functionality

SMS notifications

Reach your attendees through customized messages or alerts, sending them event-related information

Event Attendee chat and live polls EVENTTIA

Chat and live polls

Ensure better attendee engagement by offering them the possibility of communicating via chat or engaging during the sessions in live poll and see the results in real time.

Attendee experience report with surveys on event mobile app functionality

Event surveys

Discover what your attendees think about your event. Set up in or during or post-event surveys and find out everything you need to know to improve the guest experience.

Biography of speakers on the event mobile app

Speaker management

The event mobile app allows you to present the speakers, by providing relevant information from their professional biographies.

Show the event map to attendees through event mobile app - EVENTTIA

Floor plan

Help your attendees have a better space understanding of the event venue and facilitate their transition from one room (floor, building) to another.

Attendee profile on event mobile app functionality

Attendee profile

Allow your attendees to decide what information they want to share with other assistants. Also help them get to know each other better by checking who is attending the event.


Exhibition Management Software

Eventtia covers all of your planning needs, exhibition management included. It doesn’t matter if you want to run an exhibition or help brands to showcase their products during your events— in either case, we provide the tools to make it happen.

Exhibition management software dashboard illustration
Manage trade show displays reservation functionality - icon

Booth management

Facilitate the commercial process of stand reservations. The system helps you to easily control stand sales and booking.

Event logistics software icon

Online exhibition platform

Create an online exhibition space where you can manage different logistic processes.

Exhibitor registration functionality icon

Exhibitor registration

You don't have to register exhibitors manually. They can do it by themselves. Stop receiving tens or hundreds of excel files with this information.

Trade show badge scanner functionality

Lead retrieval

Allow your exhibitors to gather valuable information about the attendees that visit their stand by scanning the QR code in their badge. They can prioritize and annotate important information.

Event exhibitors services or products online catalog functionality

Services catalog

Create an online catalog which includes the products and the services your exhibitors have to offer.

List the exhibitors on event website

Exhibitors catalog

Create a personalized online catalog which lists the exhibitors. Enable the access to this catalogue via the mobile app or event website. No need to do it by hand anymore.

Event sponsorship registration functionality

Sponsor registration

You don't have to register sponsors manually. They can do it by themselves. Stop receiving tens or hundreds of excel files with this information.

Email automation with exhibitors


Set up a targeted communication with your exhibitors. By using this option, for example, you can send them messages regarding their payment status or important information about their booth.


Event Marketing Platform

Promoting your event—especially if you aren’t a marketing professional—is hard. But having the right tools, you can achieve the desired outcomes. We can help you promote your event the easy way.

Event Marketing Software dashboard illustration
Event Website Builder - EVENTTIA

Event websites

Your website is the forefront of your event and a powerful tool for attracting new attendees. Create awesome websites for your events with our drag-and-drop editor.

Event mass mailing campaign functionality - EVENTTIA

Event campaigns

If you want to efficiently promote your event, be ready to send emails. Our powerful engine will help you set up and deploy targeted email campaigns.

SMS Marketing for events - EVENTTIA

SMS notifications

Reach your attendees through customized and targeted messages or alerts, sending them event-related information and updates

Event marketing metrics report - EVENTTIA

Metrics and analytics

You can integrate your own Google Analytics tracking ID and measure your site’s success. This way you monitor the event performance and take better marketing decisions.

Event Mobile App - EVENTTIA

Branded mobile app

We give you the canvas, you choose the colors. Build your event identity and gain more exposure by using the branding option we're offering.

Event Marketing badge scanner Eventtia functionality

Lead retrieval

Gather valuable information about the attendees by scanning the QR code in their badge. This way you can prioritize and take actions to improve your guests experiences.

Responsive event website builder - EVENTTIA

Responsive design

Build a landing page or a fully responsive website in minutes. Make sure your event websites are rendering well on a variety of devices and window or screen sizes.


Online Registration

Online registration is at the core of our event management software. We designed our events platform, integrating a full-featured registration and ticketing module.


Event Calendar Widget

Easily embed and share all of your events on your website with Eventtia's event calendar widget. Serving as a portal to all of your events, this easy-to-use tool makes it easy to increase visibility, attract new traffic to event pages and drive registrations.


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