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Audience segmentation

Segment your attendees based on different types, such as buyers and sellers or entrepreneurs and investors. Design personalized experiences for your guests, setting up custom registration forms, badges, access, activities, and more.

Group registration

Enable your attendees to register their co-workers, employees, friends, or entire teams by filling out one registration form only. Ensure a higher attendance rate, streamline the process, and make it easier for everyone to join the fun.

Activity registration

In case your event offers simultaneous tracks, encourage your attendees to choose their own adventure by allowing them to select the activities they want to attend. Add a personal touch with limited coupons or cost options to create a one-of-a-kind event experience tailored to your attendees.

Attendance validation

Accept or deny access to those registered by accessing the veto option and deciding who will be part of your event. Automate the process by configuring automatic attendance confirmation or rejection emails to keep your attendees informed.

Attendee profile management

Add valuable information and track participation with the simple and effective use of notes. Centralize your logistics by managing all attendee-related tasks through one dashboard. Use it to validate attendee involvement in activities, manage communication effortlessly, and request payments.

Your guest list

Import your existing list of attendees directly to Eventtia's dashboard with ease. Upload your excel file to the platform, and in no time, you'll be able to create, visualize, and edit your attendees' profiles with effortless precision.

Event agenda

Effortlessly manage multiple event activities, tracks, and dynamics. Our system ensures complete control over agenda management by providing the tools to create, edit, and manage the activities' timetable.


Create and send custom invoices to your attendees with just a few clicks. Keep track of your list of invoices, notify people about the pending payments, and streamline the process with a hassle-free experience for you and your attendees.

Integration with payment platforms

Facilitate ticket sales and attendance payments by choosing between multiple integrated platforms. Eventtia offers seamless integrations with PayPal, PayU, Stripe, Adyen, Wompi, and Mercado Pago, allowing you to sell tickets and collect payments instantly. Say goodbye to manual transactions and hello to effortless revenue collection.

Pricing tiers

With Eventtia's online event ticketing software, you can create multiple attendance plans, and set up different pricing tiers.

Early-bird tickets

Incentivize early registration to your event and increase your attendance rate by creating a sense of urgency with early-bird tickets.

Vouchers and discounts codes

Leverage the clout of your team members and speakers by creating customized discount codes for their audiences or communities. Increase your event attendance rate and drive more sales with this easy-to-use feature.

Invitations to private events

With Eventtia, you can create a private event, upload your guest list, and send invitations asking people to fill out the registration form. Add an extra layer of privacy and exclusivity to your event by ensuring that only those invited will have access to register.


Sell more than just tickets by embedding products into your registration form. Make your attendee experience more attractive by offering products or event/brand merch directly while registering. Whether it's a t-shirt, mug, or book, boost your event's revenue stream.

Registration domain

Provide added security, protect your event, and gain peace of mind. Implement domain restrictions and ensure that only the right people can access your event. For example, you can limit access to attendees with your company's email domain.

Event landing page

Improve your event communication and grab the attention of your potential attendees with powerful landing pages crafted effortlessly using Eventtia's intuitive drag-and-drop editor.


Stay connected with your attendees during the event by SMS. Use Eventtia's mass SMS tool to keep your attendees informed about the latest event-related changes or updates.

Mass mailing

Increase your event's visibility and easily drive attendance through our mass mailing feature. Maximize your promotional efforts by sending bulk emails and tracking their reach with the help of our comprehensive analysis tools.

Personalized communication

Improve pre-event communication and strengthen your connection with the attendees by creating targeted and personalized emails. Our versatile tag system will allow you to add a personal touch to your messages.

Campaign analytics

Integrate your Google Analytics tracking ID and analyze the success of your event landing page, gaining insights into your marketing campaign performance.

Pixel conversion

Add conversion pixels on Eventtia to track your event performance. Analyze the impact of your campaigns and gain relevant insights about your marketing strategy.

Event calendar widget

Maximize your event's marketing campaign by showcasing a dynamic Event Calendar Widget on your website. Engage your audience, promote future events, and generate new leads based on your past event recordings.

Design and print badges

Leverage the full potential of your brand's identity and make a lasting impression with our robust badge design and generation capabilities. Our event software makes it easy to create stunning e-badges or print them on-site, ensuring your event's aesthetic and professionalism.

Attendance certificates

Celebrate your attendees' achievements and validate their participation with stunning, personalized certificates. After the event, you can create and send the attendance credentials via automated emails. Use our software and create a memorable, rewarding experience for your attendees.

Virtual stage branding

Transform your virtual event into an immersive brand experience with a fully customizable virtual stage. Bring your company's vision to life by personalizing the space with your signature colors, graphics, and visual assets, creating a long-lasting impression.

Event lobby

Create a welcoming and informative space where your attendees can learn more about your event and engage with your brand while they wait for the sessions to begin.

Event agenda

Use our dynamic event agenda and empower your virtual attendees to engage and customize their event experience. Conveniently accessible on the sidebar of your virtual stage, the event agenda allows attendees to create a personalized itinerary based on the sessions and activities they want to attend.

Speakers information

Bring your event speakers to the stage by publishing their professional biographies. Create an interactive and informative experience for your attendees, helping them connect with the experts you've invited to your event.

Virtual stage modules

Create customized modules to share specific activities or content, such as photo booths, venue maps, wellbeing dynamics, eBooks, templates, and more.

Live announcements

Keep your attendees informed and on schedule with the help of our Event Commander. Instantly notify them of program updates or direct them to the next activity, ensuring a seamless experience.

Simultaneous interpretation

Break down language barriers and facilitate seamless global collaboration with our state-of-the-art simultaneous interpretation capabilities. Our platform makes it easy to add translated audio to any presentation, enabling you to bring together experts and attendees from around the world with ease.

Eventtia Studio

Simplify your virtual event production with Eventtia's internal streaming studio. Say goodbye to complex codes, iframes, and tokens, and easily connect up to 9 speakers simultaneously on your virtual stage for a smooth and effortless experience.

Streaming integrations

Transform your live streams with the power of StreamYard integration. Our browser-based streaming studio will help you create a seamless and professional live experience with reduced latency and perfectly crafted overlays.

Video players

Experience unparalleled flexibility with integrations to Zoom, YouTube, Vimeo, and custom video players, all easily embeddable onto your virtual stage with just a simple iframe.

On-demand content

Record your sessions and store them on the virtual stage for on-demand access. Also, offer your attendees the opportunity to revisit their favorite moments or catch up on what they missed whenever they want.

QR code scan entry

Simplify your event check-in process with our cutting-edge mobile check-in app. Say goodbye to long lines and hello to smooth and seamless access management, ensuring a stress-free and enjoyable event for all.

Activity access/Room control

Analyze the success of different event sessions by controlling access to your rooms. Use the check-in app to monitor the number of people joining specific activities.

Checkpoints & giveaways

Use Eventtia to track your attendees' movements

Reports and Analytics

Our real-time event monitoring capabilities will allow you to gain valuable insights and track your attendees' engagement. Stay informed about attendance numbers, popular sessions, and location data for an optimized event experience.

Event commander

Access the Event Commander to send live notifications, gain real-time attendance insights, and track the ongoing networking meetings.

Emoji reactions

Empower your attendees to express their emotions and engage with your event like never before. Give them access to a dynamic range of emoji reactions to bring your event to life.

Live polls and quizzes

Boost your audience's involvement with dynamic interactive features like live polls, test people's knowledge with quizzes, and spark real-time discussions with instant answers.

Live Chat

Encourage your attendees to connect through customized chat channels. With Eventtia, you can choose who has access to these dynamic communication spaces.

Activities chat

Enable the chat option during your event activities and allow your attendees to engage in meaningful, real-time conversations.

Social Wall

Facilitate attendee interaction by providing public space for people to upload photos, publish comments, and discuss their event-related experiences.

Interactivity platform integrations

Ensure attendee interaction and increase event engagement by integrating your favorite interactivity platforms, such as Slido, Mentimeter, or Kahoot.

Q&A sessions

Foster dynamic attendee engagement during your event. The built-in Q&A feature lets your attendees to connect with your speakers and upvote their top-voted questions to the forefront.

Surveys and feedback

Gain valuable insights into your attendees' event experience by conducting surveys during and after the event with Eventtia. Enhance their experience with the information you gather.

Customizable mobile app

Enhance your brand recognition by customizing your event mobile app with your company's signature visuals and elements. Create a memorable and cohesive brand experience for your attendees.

Live notifications

Send live notifications to your attendees about agenda changes, event updates, or instructions for attending the upcoming activities.

Attendee engagement

Elevate attendee engagement with a dynamic and interactive event experience through our mobile app. Fuel excitement with Q&A sessions, quizzes, games, contests, live polls, and visually captivating word clouds.

Contact detail exchange

Help your attendees expand their professional network easily by using the QR code scan feature to exchange contact information with other participants and exhibitors quickly.

Virtual stands

Help your sponsors and exhibitors widen their business opportunities by allowing them to display their services and products via virtual stands.

Networking profiles

Segment your audience and facilitate matchmaking between different groups, such as buyers and sellers, entrepreneurs and investors, and more.

Networking notifications

Send automated meeting request notifications to your attendees and help them schedule the networking sessions automatically.

Pre-event engagement

Create a dynamic virtual network for your attendees before the event even begins. Encourage connections and conversation to build excitement and foster meaningful engagement.

Timing and session duration

Empower your attendees with the flexibility to schedule their meetings at their convenience by allowing them to choose a specific time frame you previously decided, and set the duration of each networking session.

Meeting room assignation

Our platform automatically allows you to designate conversation spaces (tables, rooms, or booths) for face-to-face meetings.

Modular networking agenda

Empower your attendees to streamline their networking schedule with a personalized agenda showcasing their pre-arranged meetings.

Meeting evaluation

Encourage your attendees to provide valuable feedback and drive improvements with the ability to rate their networking meeting experiences. Use these insights to enhance matchmaking and connect the right people at your events.

Stand management

Empower exhibitors and sponsors to showcase their brand in the best light by giving them complete control over the creation and management of their virtual stand.

Virtual stand customization

Your sponsors can choose between five stand models. Let them highlight their unique identity by adding their logo, color scheme, description, website, banner, social media links, and videos.

Downloadables and CTAs

Our Sponsorship Module allows sponsors and exhibitors to upload up to 10 files, such as .png, .jpg, .pdf, or .zip. The maximum upload size is 10MB per file.

Catalogue of services

Maximize sales opportunities for your sponsors and exhibitors with Eventtia's product display capabilities. Each sponsor or exhibitor can showcase up to 100 offerings and drive traffic to their online storefront with seamless website redirects.

Stand communication

Easily stay in touch with your exhibitors by delivering timely and relevant updates on payment status and other key details through our streamlined messaging system.

Attendees' contact details

Empower your sponsors and exhibitors to expand their reach and connect with potential customers by giving them access to a comprehensive list of attendees, including those who have given consent for follow-up communication.

Sponsored activities

Help your exhibitors to enhance their presence at your event by scheduling interactive activities, streaming them live, and inviting attendees to secure their spot in advance.

Sponsored networking

Boost your exhibitor's visibility by allowing them to schedule one-on-one meetings with your attendees via their virtual stands.

Lead Capture

Allow your exhibitors to collect valuable information about the attendees who visited their stand by scanning the QR code on their badge.

Real-time data and reports

Allow sponsors and exhibitors to keep track of key metrics, such as the number of visits per stand, file downloads, conversion rate, clicks on activities, and more.

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