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How to Design the Best Sponsorhip Page for Your Virtual Events

Victoria Rudi
December 2, 2020

Whether it’s logo placements on the virtual stage, sponsored sessions, or even food delivery, there are an abundance of sponsorship opportunities at virtual events. And today, we’re going to be talking about the most important of them all, the sponsorship page.

For your sponsors, this is a great avenue for them to get visibility and exposure, which is why you should be looking to maximise this offering to help generate revenue. To help get you started, this article will show you to design attractive and powerful sponsorship pages at a virtual event.

Why you need sponsor pages for your online event

Given that sponsors once relied on booths at live events, the ability for them to have their own sponsorship page as part of the virtual stage is by far the closest imitation to the real thing. The premise really isn’t that different either.

Just as you would be able to walk up to a booth, chat to a sales rep, find out about the sponsor’s offerings, and pick up promotional materials at an in-person event, the very same applies to a sponsorship page at a virtual event.

This is a direct channel for sponsors to showcase who they are along with their key offerings. Generally speaking, this includes a logo, a banner, a brief description, videos and any promotional materials to go with it.

How to get more quality sponsors by offering them visibility at your event

Sponsors aren’t going to part with their cash without good reason and in return they’ll be expecting to plenty of exposure.  That’s why it’s vital that you’re able to explain the benefits of the sponsorship page. This is very much a pitch in itself because, for many of your sponsors, this will be their first time delving into online events so expect a bit of uncertainty.

The best way to overcome this is by creating demo videos and a presentation that walks sponsors through the offering. That way it makes it much easier for them to envisage how the sponsorship page works and looks, and most importantly, the visibility that they’ll get from the page.

It’s also worth considering that a good sponsor doesn’t always have to help you financially, there are plenty of sponsors that can offer planning, marketing, or another service that will enhance your online event, so be sure to have this in mind.

The elements you’ll want to highlight for each sponsor

It’s vital that you can give your sponsors plenty of ways for them to gain exposure, and in the context of an online event this is going to rely heavily on two things. First, you’ll want visually appealing assets such as a banner and video that will entice attendees to the page. And second, after you’ve got attendees onto the page, you’ll want to provide them with valuable content that will be sure to spark interest in the sponsor. This can be done in the way of a well-written description and also through attached files such as brochures or flyers.

Here’s a list of everything that can be added to a sponsor’s page on Eventtia :

  • Company description with contacts for attendees to reach out to
  • Any videos or iframes
  • Any files such as a sales brochure, pricing, or anything else that’s relevant
  • A banner (646 x 194px)
  • Logo (500 x 250px)

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As the organiser of the event, it’s important that your sponsors have plenty of time to send you over all of the assets that will complete the page. Send out an email to each sponsor a couple of weeks prior to the event with the required specs and a few images to give them an idea of what the page should look like. That way you’ll give yourself plenty of time to get the pages configured.

How to set up a sponsorship page using Eventtia

To finish things up, here’s a quick step-by-step guide on how to create a sponsorship page using an event management software, like Eventtia. If you’d like to find out more about creating sponsor pages and using the platform, don’t forget that you can find tutorials and guides on our knowledge base!

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