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How to Improve Your Online Event with Digital Experience Rooms

Victoria Rudi
December 17, 2020

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Remember how live events used to be packed full of experiential activities? Well, so too can online events.

Because beyond all of the keynotes, panel discussions, and other content that’s come to be expected, attendees are still yearning for experiential activities.

Previously, we looked at how live experiences such as yoga sessions, cooking classes, and magic shows can transform the virtual attendee experience. But today, we’ll be looking at on-demand content and more specifically, how this can be applied straight to your virtual events with the help of digital experience rooms.

What is a digital experience room?

Put simply, a digital, or virtual, experience room is a space for you to design online experiences for your attendees within the virtual stage.

Compared to live content which can only be viewed in the moment on the main stage, the content inside a virtual experience room can be accessed on-demand at any time across the event.

Accessible as modules which appear on the left-hand side of the virtual stage, virtual experience rooms are a HTML page allowing you to embed content, covering anything from embedded music to custom applications, through an iframe.

Examples (which we’ll get to below) can include anything from a chill-out room to curated music and a photo booth.

By having these offerings available, attendees can pick and choose when they engage in the content, providing them with the chance to explore the virtual stage and take a break from the main stage.

Importantly, this offers something different and allows your attendees to engage in content that you wouldn’t usually get from a traditional virtual event.

Eventtia’s digital experience rooms at Get Together

There are plenty of options when it comes to creating digital experience rooms. After all, this is a HTML page and with that comes plenty of options for customization!

To give you some ideas and inspiration of what exactly can be done with digital experience rooms, here are three examples that we used at our first online event, Get Together.

Calm room

First up was a collaboration with sleep and meditation app, Calm, who provided a 10-minute pre-recorded meditation video from one of their experts.

This piece of content was curated especially for Get Together, with a big focus on how to relax and meditate while we are all working from home.

Creating the room was simple. The video was uploaded to YouTube and then embedded as an iframe which came with a Calm banner and description of the stage.

Good vibes curated music room

Next up was an experience room with music designed especially for the event.

Composition creators, Reaktor Productions, provided a selection of ambient tracks, which were then uploaded to a custom-made audio player and embedded onto the virtual stage through, you guessed it, an iframe.

What was great about this room was that it provided attendees the perfect place to relax and take in everything they had learnt from the sessions.

Snap a photo room

The final digital experience room for Get Together included a photo booth from A-BLOK, a studio specialised in designing and producing interactive spaces.

Throughout the day, attendees could access the booth, take a selfie and share a message. With this then being made into a Thank You video which was presented at the end of the event.


How to set up an experience room for your online event with Eventtia

Now we’ve shown you some of the options that you have at your disposal when it comes to designing your own digital experience rooms, here’s a short video explaining how this is made possible using virtual event management software, Eventtia.

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