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Why B2B matchmaking is the Best Solution for International Trade

Victoria Rudi
September 6, 2018

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Networking encounters and B2B meetings can take various formats and help achieve multiple goals. But when it comes to international trade, these types of events or dynamics may have a worldwide impact.

Many economic development agencies (whether it’s territorial, aiming to strengthen bilateral relationships between countries and regions, or sectorial, focused on fostering the relationships across a specific industry) are highly interested in running efficient networking interactions to ignite economical growth.

Sometimes, these events will involve group forums and conferences, or problem-based workshops and seminars.

Other times, organizers will focus on planning business breakfasts or cocktail dinners in an attempt to get attendees (providers and buyers, stakeholders and decision-makers, investors and entrepreneurs, etc.) to talk to each other and build long-term working relationships or partnerships.

Generating new business connections and involving an extensive pool of shareholders (in different activities) became crucial for international trade. Although we are living in a digital world, where communication happens in a simple click, face-to-face meetings remain important and desirable when searching for massive business opportunities.

To fulfill this desire, we, as an event tech company, reflected a lot about possible tools that would eliminate networking uncertainty and facilitate interactions as much as possible.

Studying multiple dynamics, we came to the conclusion that at the present moment, there’s nothing more efficient or a friendlier tool out there (especially for those planners who are potentiating the dialogue in the international trade) than a specific match between offer and demand (B2B matchmaking).

What is B2B matchmaking?

We’ve discussed it in previous articles, but to refresh your memory, B2B matchmaking is a specific networking dynamic that considers attendees’ exact expectations and achieves a perfect match between those who are looking for something and those who are offering something.

Compared to other networking formats, B2B matchmaking aims to save your attendees time so they can avoid the mindless search for potential prospects.

Instead, they have access to a one-on-one meetings agenda with shareholders, brands, and institutions that are well-aligned with their needs.

So what else makes B2B matchmaking the best networking solution for international trade?

Rigorous selection

As a planner, you’re probably concerned about attracting the right type of attendees, meaning A-level international trade players. Thanks to its strict selection system, the B2B matchmaking dynamic involves having significant control over the attendance criteria.

When people try to register for the event, they’ll need to fill out a networking form that contains a series of control questions.

For example, you might be interested in attracting entrepreneurs who are searching for seed money. On the other hand, your other goal might be to invite investors who have a certain portfolio or amount of money to invest.

By having clear criteria, you can adjust the networking form, insert the right questions, and afterward, decide (through a veto option) who can or can’t attend the B2B meeting based on applicants’ responses.

Guaranteed quality

Thanks to that rigorous selection, you can broaden your event’s marketing promises, ensuring a good turnover for those who attend. The mere fact that you are providing a perfect match between offer and demand is already a sign of quality, and it will help your attendees achieve their expected results.

Substantial interactions

B2B matchmaking, as a networking structure, excludes the awkwardness of approaching strangers and initiating awkward conversations. Since the dynamic is based on one-on-one meetings, people are already put into specific contexts where they can kick off the dialogue effortlessly, without having to spend too much time on small talk and instead focusing on what’s important to them.

In-depth preparation

Another feature that makes B2B matchmaking one of the best networking solutions for international trade is the fact that your attendees will have access to the guest list before the event.

This helps attendees better prepare for their meetings, because they’ll be able to tailor their presentations to the specific needs that the investors, entrepreneurs, and shareholders they’ll be meeting with may have.

Intelligent matchmaking

As a planner of networking events that involve international trade, you won’t have to manually schedule meetings between your attendees. The B2B matchmaking platform will allow your guests to do it themselves, or the intelligent algorithm of the same platform will evaluate each participant’s needs and schedule the meetings automatically. And to learn more on how to match the offer and demand at your B2B networking event, just click on the button and grab a quick strategy book you can use right away.

Professional setup

B2B matchmaking is all about providing a professional environment, because it reduces the uncertainty and guesswork your attendees might otherwise have to do. It provides immediate access to valuable prospects and a stress-free environment for substantial conversations.

Real business opportunities

B2B matchmaking offers not only a system, but also an interaction mindset. By informing your attendees how B2B matchmaking works and its advantages, they will probably attend your event with a specific interaction strategy to ignite truly meaningful business relationships.

Targeted marketing

Finding valuable prospects can be a real hassle, and most of the time, nobody can guarantee your attendees’ success. However, if they decide to attend your B2B matchmaking events or dynamics, they’ll have access to one-on-one meetings with those prospects who respond best to their needs. This means their pitching efforts will be well-targeted.

One last thought

A powerful B2B matchmaking system can accommodate a surprisingly large number of attendees. Apart from that, it will ensure the psychological comfort of your guests by reducing their uncertainty levels and guaranteeing access to qualitative interactions.

As a planner aiming to strengthen international trade, your number one goal involves providing a friendly set up for meaningful conversations and business opportunities.

Luckily, you don’t have to search or experiment with different formats. B2B matchmaking is perfectly suited for your needs and can get you better results in less time. Moreover, download this free strategy book and learn how to plan a great B2B networking event, providing a safe environment where the match between the offer and demand integrates your attendees’ interests.

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