Event Networking & Matchmaking Platform for Meaningful Connections

Transform every conversation into impactful interactions.

Event Networking & Matchmaking Platform for Meaningful Connections
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A Networking Platform for People who Mean Business

Eventtia's event networking platform enables attendees to schedule relevant meetings at your events.

attendee profiles for networking events


Set up different networking profiles

Facilitate matchmaking and networking between different types of attendees.


Nurture pre-event interactions between attendees

Encourage your guests to discover, engage, and connect with other participants before events.

event networking solution for virtual events


Facilitate targeted connections at your events

Enable your attendees to identify the right connections by filtering the list of event participants.


Enable attendees to create meeting agendas at your events

Our event matchmaking platform allows attendees to craft their networking journey, scheduling one-to-one interactions.

networking notifications eventtia
networking agendas for networking events


Send your attendees notifications via email

Keep your attendees up to date by sending them notifications regarding meeting requests, rejections, and approvals.


Assign meeting locations for in‑person interactions

Eventtia allows you to automatically assign meeting spaces, like tables or stands, for one-on-one meetings at your events.

networking platform for hybrid events


Connect your on-site and online attendees

Combine the best of both worlds by connecting on-site and online attendees at your hybrid events.

Access Advanced Enterprise Features with Unlimited API Integrations

Build personalized event workflows by integrating Eventtia's modular API building blocks and endpoints.

More than a Tech Provider,
Eventtia is a Trusted Partner

Event networking, without the usual hassle

Eventtia’s matchmaking software enables attendees to engage in meaningful exchanges, avoiding networking challenges.

Purposeful design, predictable interactions

Ensure consistent connections and reduce the uncertainty factor of event networking.

The perfect match, valuable interactions

Curate your attendees’ interactions offering profile-based precision and maximizing the benefits of each interaction.

Benefit from Round-the-clock Customer Support

Our customer success team is proud to provide help and support to thousands of brands and organizations around the world.

Frequently asked questions

Eventtia’s B2B matchmaking and virtual networking gives you the functionalities to provide your attendees with a flawless networking experience that creates meaningful interactions and is easy to set up and manage.

Ensure that your participants get the most out of networking by building the dynamics around them. Create attendee types and profiles, choose an agenda, and identify how your attendees will connect through meeting requests or automatic B2B matchmaking using an algorithm based rating system.
Great networking depends on one thing— eliminating guesswork and making it as easy as possible for your participants. Through Eventtia’s mobile app or the virtual stage, participants can manage their agenda and access the agendas of others to check their availability and schedule meetings. When an invite is sent the participant then has the option to accept or reject the meeting with their agenda being updated accordingly.
Eventtia’s networking module supports a wide variety of networking formats. These include trade shows, careers fairs and coworker meetups. The event matchmaking platform offers two types of through meeting requests and automatic matchmaking which uses an algorithm based rating system.
The key to efficient networking is putting the right people together, and this is where Eventtia’s B2B matchmaking dynamic comes in—it allows attendees to discover and build meaningful connections during your events.

You can do this by creating different attendee profiles which come in the way of a form where participants fill out their own profile. With this you’ll be able to match the demand (for example, buyers and sellers or recruiters and students). Once participants fill out the profile with their interests, they’ll be able to see the list of other attendees and schedule, accept or deny one-on-one meetings.
Yes, we offer both. We offer a live demo to give you a general overview of the virtual conference platform and to show how the matchmaking platform can be built to fit your specific requirements. Once you get a feel for the platform we then offer you a 15-day free trial where you can get a feel for Eventtia and discover what it can do for your matchmaking event management and planning.
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