Pernod Ricard Events: Building a Global Digital Ecosystem

Discover how a world-known wine and spirits group uses Eventtia to scale and expand its events strategy.


Paris, France


Wine and Spirits

Type of Events

Brand Activations
Mixology Masterclasses
Brand Ambassador Events
Celebrations and Parties
Skill Courses, Trainings and Webinars
Corporate Events

Event Format

In-person events
Virtual events
Hybrid events

Key Figures

2,000 Successful Events
200,000 Engaged Attendees
100 Countries
60 Pernod Ricard Brands Running Events with Eventtia

About Pernod Ricard

Since 2020, Eventtia, the leading event management software provider for the retail sector, and Pernod Ricard, one of the top wine and spirits group, have developed a strategic technology partnership. This collaboration has enabled Pernod Ricard to integrate a comprehensive global solution, aiming to standardize, facilitate, and enhance its event planning operations while capturing essential data.

This effort encompasses Pernod Ricard's expansive portfolio of 240 brands, including iconic names like Vodka Absolut, Chivas, Lillet, G.H. Mumm, Jameson, and more, spanning over 160 countries.

Event Planning Challenges

Before partnering with Eventtia, Pernod Ricard faced multiple challenges in managing its multi-brand events strategy.

  • Increase Event Management Efficiency

From online registration to event communication, affiliates used multiple planning apps, making event processes confusing and inconsistent.

  • Enable Comprehensive Data Collection

Pernod Ricard struggled to collect and integrate attendee data with their CRM, limiting access to customer insights and reducing engagement.

  • Scale its events strategy and facilitate digital innovation

As an international group with multiple brands, Pernod Ricard looked for a global solution that facilitates the expansion of its operations, while fostering creativity and autonomy.

“Eventtia platform lets you easily duplicate event pages you or other members of your organization have done in the past. And with a couple of changes, you can set up a whole new event at a glance.”

Robertino Fasanella,
Consumer Experience & Media Coordinator

Event Solutions for Pernod Ricard

To address multiple event planning challenges, the Pernod Ricard group partnered with Eventtia, providing one of the most robust and comprehensive event management platforms today.

A Global Service with Centralized Event Management

With Eventtia's help, Pernod Ricard built a solution-as-a-service for its brands and external agencies, accommodating different languages, currencies, and time zones.

The central management team gained access to a comprehensive dashboard, enabling them to create and manage accounts and access for affiliates and employees worldwide.

Integration of Data to the Consumer CRM Database

Eventtia facilitated data integration, migrating attendee data to the Group’s CRM, leading to the optimization of marketing campaigns.

With a holistic view of its attendees, Pernod Ricard can refine targeting, personalize communications, and drive greater engagement.

An open and evolutive solution with advanced API services

Pernod Ricard's teams like to use Eventtia's API services to autonomously integrate new features into the group's existing IT systems, providing multichannel user experiences.

For example, Pernod Ricard created a hospitality, community, and events platform for professionals and influencers, relying on Eventtia’s API.

Achieved Results

The strategic technology partnership with Eventtia has yielded extraordinary results, transforming how Pernod Ricard teams plan, execute, and analyze events globally.

Through our collaborative efforts, Pernod Ricard has standardized event operations, harnessed the power of integrated data, and generated substantial financial savings for its brands while creating unforgettable experiences for attendees.

Thanks to Eventtia, Pernod Ricard has successfully moved hundreds of users to one platform while allowing them the freedom and flexibility to create unique events aligned with the company’s brand.

Eventtia Features for Pernod Ricard

Our registration forms are customized to meet the unique requirements of Pernod Ricard’s multiple brands, languages, and subsidiaries worldwide.

Pernod Ricard uses Eventtia’s solutions to design customized event landing pages, personalizing the attendee experience for each brand.

Pernod Ricard’s brands can build and customize multiple attendee types, providing target and personalized communication.

Pernod Ricard’s brands use Eventtia to monetize their events, creating different ticketing and pricing tiers, as well as facilitating online payments.
The Onsite Check-in app enables to speed up participants registration and check-in, as well as gain valuable insights into attendees’ journey.
Eventtia enables the group’s brands to provide an online space where attendees can come together, forging strong community ties through highly interactive virtual events.

Pernod Ricard’s brands can access event reports and dashboard to assess the impact of their events instantly.

Eventtia’s integration into Pernod Ricard’s CRM consumer database allows multiple functionalities. For example, attendees can decide whether they want to receive promotion information from the brand. When they opt-in, their personal data is automatically added to the Group’s Consumer Database.

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“The fact that the enterprises are able to arrange meetings by themselves makes everything easier for the administrator, so we can focus on other important things of the event instead of the logistics of the meetings.”

“The user experience is what I liked the most, the event can be easily navigated, also one can customize the event and build it depending on the different needs of the events.”

“We manage to add more value to our attendees thanks to Eventtia. Features are great and they try to make it easier to manage events.”

“In love with Eventtia. I cannot thank you enough. We started the process with less than three weeks from the mega event (850 participants + 100 panelists), and the team was super efficient. They have a problem-solving approach, and this meant to me as the manager of the event that I could trust them with difficult situations and know that they will respond with quality and in the needed times.”