Pierre Fabre Events: The Digitization of Event Experiences

Discover how a world-known French pharmaceutical and cosmetics company uses Eventtia to scale and expand its events strategy.


Castres, France


Pharmaceutical and cosmetics

Type of Events

Product Launches
Corporate Events
Trainings and Webinars
Factory Visits

Event Format

In-person events
Virtual events
Hybrid events

Key Figures

370 Events
80,000 Attendees and Partners
130 Countries

About Pierre Fabre

With more than six decades of experience in the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries, Pierre Fabre stands as the second-largest private biopharmaceutical company in France and holds the position of the world's second-largest dermo-cosmetic laboratory.

Based in Castres, France, the company has subsidiaries across 43 countries, extensive distribution agreements spanning over 130 countries, and a workforce of nearly 10,000 employees globally.

In 2017, Pierre Fabre initiated a lasting collaboration with Eventtia to digitize its events and standardize the event processes within its Meetings, Incentives, Conferences, and Exhibitions (MICE) department.

Event Planning Challenges

Before partnering with Eventtia, Pierre Fabre faced multiple challenges in digitizing and managing its events strategy.

  • Provide Seamless Attendee Experiences

Pierre Fabre aimed to provide consistent attendee experience throughout their multi-channel user journey.

  • Increase Event Management Efficiency

From online registration to event communication, affiliates used multiple planning apps, making event processes confusing and inconsistent.

  • Accessing Advanced Customer Support

Pierre Fabre was looking for a technology partner able to provide an exceptional enterprise-level customer service to its MICE team.

“In 2017, I chose Eventtia for its simplicity and user-friendliness. I was seeking a comprehensive solution that could be easily and quickly adopted by our partners, streamlining the group's event process.”

Thomas Morandeau,
Pierre Fabre's MICE Director

Event Solutions for Pierre Fabre

To address multiple event planning challenges, Pierre Fabre partnered with Eventtia, accessing one of the most robust and comprehensive event management platforms today.

Seamless Multi-channel Attendee Experiences

Pierre Fabre’s team has personalized and facilitated attendee experiences through customized online registration forms, tailored activities, giveaways, and stress-free check-in.

By using Eventtia, Pierre Fabre is consistent in fostering strong connections, maximizing impact, and nurturing long-term relationships with its stakeholders.

A Global Service with Centralized Event Management

Using Eventtia's all-in-one event management platform, Pierre Fabre’s team have generated event templates including visual assets, event websites, registration forms, attendee categorization, and invitations.

The event standardization has proven saving time, effort and money while providing headquarters with essential insights into the number and types of events each brand organizes.

Enjoying Enterprise-level Customer Support

Eventtia’s dedicated Customer Success Team has provided comprehensive training sessions to every member of the MICE team, as well as external event agencies, enabling them to achieve full autonomy on the Eventtia platform.

Pierre Fabre's event teams have relied on Eventtia's Premium Support services to manage multiple events, resulting in more than six years of ongoing collaboration.

Achieved Results

The strategic technology partnership with Eventtia has yielded extraordinary results, transforming how Pierre Fabre’s MICE department plan, execute, and analyze events globally.

This collaboration has played a pivotal role in enabling Pierre Fabre to implement a comprehensive and worldwide event strategy across its extensive brand portfolio, which includes well-known names such as Eau Thermale Avène, A-Derma, Ducray, and Klorane, among others.

Eventtia Features for Pierre Fabre

Our registration forms are customized to meet the unique requirements of Pierre Fabres’s multiple affiliates and team representatives.

Pierre Fabre uses Eventtia’s solutions to design customized event landing pages, personalizing the attendee experience.

Pierre Fabre’s brands can build and customize multiple attendee types, providing target and personalized communication.

Eventtia enables Pierre Fabre to provide an online space where attendees can come together, forging community ties and building meaningful connections.

Pierre Fabre’s team can access event reports and dashboard to assess the impact of their events instantly.

With Eventtia, attendees registered for events are seamlessly stored within Pierre Fabre’s system, allowing for easy integration with existing databases.

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More Case Studies

“It is extremely easy to set up, the platform is very stable at all times, and I have even started to use its platform to develop the websites of the events. Everything is integrated and the experience of the entire process, both for the attendees and for the organizers, is excellent.”

“Very efficient and reactive customer support, easy-to-use and set-up platform, a combination of everything we needed for our in-person event (registration, match-making, communication, check-in).”

“Eventtia was the right choice for my virtual event. It was easy to use, easy to configure and overall it's a very visually attractive platform, in comparison to others.”

“My overall experience with Eventtia is really good. Not only at the software level, but also for the human capital it contributes. Both the sales service and the support service have been a clear example of professionalism.”