Virtual Events Platform for Forward-Thinking Teams

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Virtual Events Platform for Forward-Thinking Teams

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Command Every Aspect of Your Virtual Events for Excellent Results

Eventtia's virtual event software offers a wide variety of capabilities that cover all aspects of event planning.

virtual stage for virtual events


Provide a branded space for virtual experiences

Transform your virtual events into immersive experiences with a fully customizable virtual stage.

Video players
Live chat
UX/UI customization
Experience rooms
Custom modules


Choose between multiple streaming options

Access an advanced streaming production suite, complete with high-end features such as exclusive backstage chats and brand-customized broadcasts.

Embedded streaming
Chat panel
Speakers management
Real-time analytics
External streaming
streaming solutions for virtual events


Ensure high engagement rates at your virtual events

Foster attendee participation during virtual events. Design interactive experiences to drive engagement and improve attendance satisfaction.

Live chat and Q&A
Polls and quizzes
Social wall
Custom modules
Emoji reactions


Connect your virtual attendees and foster meaningful networking

Facilitate interactions and foster connections between your virtual attendees.

Pre-event interactions
Meetings schedule
Virtual meetings
Contact details exchange
Meeting evaluation
event networking solution for virtual events

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Master Virtual and Hybrid Event Planning

Apart from its virtual events software, Eventtia also offers planning solutions for hybrid events. Use Eventtia's capabilities to personalize and level up the experience of both on-site and virtual attendees.





People attending in-person events can access the venue by scanning their QR codes.


Virtual attendees can access the event by logging into the virtual stage.



On-site attendees can access multiple engagement tools through your event mobile app.


Virtual attendees can engage with others by using multiple engagement tools offered through the virtual stage.



On-site attendees can schedule in-person and virtual meetings with other participants.


Virtual attendees can schedule online meetings with each other.

Access Advanced Enterprise Features and Services with API Integrations

Build and expand personalized event workflows by integrating Eventtia’s modular API. Our cutting-edge enterprise features streamline the event management process, optimize your team’s efforts, and amplify outcomes.

More Than Just Tech,
Eventtia Is Your Trusted Partner

Flawless and efficient event execution

From planning to post-event analysis, our platform has you covered. Host virtual and hybrid events without the need for technical proficiency.

Immersive interactivity, happy attendees

Engage on-site and virtual attendees. Create signature moments, and fuel active interactions for memorable event experiences.

Granular event data, better decisions

Collect, measure, and evaluate your virtual and hybrid events data. Dive deep into the details, make informed decisions and amplify your events' impact.

Benefit from Round-the-clock Customer Support

Our customer success team is proud to provide help and support to thousands of brands and organizations around the world.

Frequently asked questions

Whether you need the answers to an event-related problem or you would just like to
hear more about our virtual event software, we’re all ears!
In a virtual event scenario, a traditional online meeting (video conferencing) solution like Zoom, Google Meet, or Skype only covers a single aspect of the virtual event: broadcasting the event’s content live (live streaming) to virtual attendees.

On the other hand, with Eventtia’s fully-integrated, all-in-one virtual event platform, you can manage everything about the virtual event in a single dashboard from planning, promoting, managing, monitoring, analyzing, and scaling your events.

Here are some core features offered by our virtual event software that you won’t get from traditional online meeting solutions like Zoom:

  • Registration and ticketing: fully functional event registration management features, including an event ticketing module.
  • Check-in management: a fully functional mobile app to help streamline the whole check-in process, including monitoring and managing access flow.
  • Attendee management: fully-fledged attendee monitoring and management tools to help you manage your event guest list. Real-time monitoring of your guest activities during the virtual event.
  • Virtual event management: manage your event planning project from start to finish, including fully functional task management and scheduling features.
  • Internal communication and collaboration: monitor and manage your team collaboration within a single dashboard. Also include a robust permission management feature, allowing you to easily invite more team members or external stakeholders (i.e., vendors and sponsors) to join the collaboration when needed.
  • Promotions: built-in email management system (EMS) to help you send targeted emails and promote your online events.
  • Virtual Stage: Eventtia allows you to run multiple virtual sessions in different breakout rooms in a branded virtual stage. This can help you in facilitating interactive virtual networking and virtual sponsor booths.
  • Evaluation and Reporting: tracking virtual event performance via post-event surveys and powerful analytics to measure event performance.
Eventtia offers a comprehensive Virtual Stage feature with its own fully-customizable interactive virtual event schedule. This allows your virtual attendees to have their own fully-personalized schedule, for example, allowing each attendee to easily choose which sessions they’d like to attend and at what time.

With Eventtia’s Virtual Stage, each attendee can have their own personalized launchpad for every single aspect of the event journey: event content, virtual networking opportunities, breakout rooms, sponsor booths, live chat, live polls, surveys, and so on.

You’ll also get an intuitive stage builder that lets you design a branded virtual stage that caters to your attendees’ preferences, which can help in making your virtual event feel more authentic and engaging to maximize attendance satisfaction.

On top of this, Eventtia’s virtual event system also offers pre-built modules to assist you in different event planning phases: creating a branded event website, managing email promotions, building branded virtual stage, running live Q&A and surveys, all from a single, intuitive dashboard.
Eventtia’s virtual event management software offers seamless integration with a wide variety of live streaming platforms, payment gateway solutions, marketing tools, audience engagement tools, and other solutions.

Eventtia also offers integration with Zapier, which in turn will facilitate integration with more than 4,000 popular apps and solutions, including Google’s apps (i.e., Google Docs, Calendar, Gmail), Mailchimp, Slack, and more.

Notable integrations offered by Eventtia:

  • Payment gateway platforms: Stripe, PayPal, PayU, Mercado Pago, Wompi, etc.
  • Live streaming/video conferencing platforms: Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, YouTube, Webex, etc.
  • Audience engagement solutions: Slido, Mentimeter, Sparkup, etc.

Eventtia’s online event platform integrates with a large number of solutions and services across different fields.
Yes, we offer both.

Eventtia offers a live demo to provide you with a general overview of the all-in-one virtual event management platform’s capabilities. You can use our live demo offering to learn about the features offered by Eventtia, and we’ll also show you how the event management platform for virtual events can be customized to fit your specific requirements.

Once you get a feel for the online event platform from the live demo, you can also try our 15-day free-trial program, where you can get a feel of the Eventtia platform’s capabilities for online events yourself, test all the features offered by Eventtia, and discover how it can fit your virtual event planning and management workflow.

During the free-trial period, you can also freely contact our customer support anytime and ask any questions about our event management system for virtual events. Make the most of this time to learn what Eventtia can do to streamline your event planning and management processes.
In general, you should choose an online event platform based on your unique needs and requirements, including your available budget.

However, here are some key factors to consider when evaluating different virtual event management solutions:

  • Online registration functionality: Eventtia offers robust data collection and customization capabilities in its online registration function.
  • Branding options: Eventtia offers versatile branding features, giving you access to a wide variety of professionally made and customizable themes and templates you can use right away.
  • Customer support: Eventtia offers localized customer support from wherever you are with the tri-lingual customer support team that’s available whenever you need it.
  • Integration: Eventtia’s virtual event platform can integrate seamlessly with a wide variety of popular applications like Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, Mentimeter, and Kahoot, as well as popular engagement tools that will help you launch engaging contests, games, and polls.
  • Pricing: Eventtia offers transparent pricing with a flexible six or twelve-month contract and a clear list of features and add-ons. You don’t need to worry about hidden costs and can start planning your virtual event right away.
  • Networking and engagement features: With Eventtia’s online event platform, event organizers can easily plan their own virtual networking events: you can give attendees the option to book group meetings and other networking opportunities as part of their personalized virtual event agenda.
There are two core aspects of virtual events we should always consider when hosting a virtual event online: content and virtual event technology/system.

  • Content is king

When hosting an in-person event, we can leverage other selling points than content: great catering, great venue, decoration, networking opportunities, and so on.

In a virtual event, however, we can only rely on content to engage our attendees.

It’s crucial to carefully tailor your content before planning the event itself so that your event is both engaging and valuable.

Carefully identify what the idea you’d like to convey with your event is? Then, go backward on how to best communicate this idea to your target audience.

  • Virtual event technology

You should invest in a virtual event software solution like Eventtia to streamline various aspects of your event, from team management to managing event registrations and check-ins to sponsorships and other elements.
A virtual event platform is an all-in-one software solution, typically delivered as a cloud-based application, that enables its users to host virtual events like online meetings, webinars, virtual conferences, virtual trade shows, online sports events, and more.

A comprehensive virtual event platform like Eventtia provides both peer-to-peer interactions (between participants) and one-to-many interactions (i.e., from keynote speakers to attendees.), making it one step ahead of traditional online meeting/video conferencing/webinar solutions.

An all-in-one virtual event platform like Eventtia offers the following key features:

  • Create your event with just a few clicks, and manage everything about the event in a single, centralized dashboard
  • Facilitate streamlined online registrations and attendee check-ins
  • Intuitive virtual event website builders and email campaigns to attract and inform your target audience.
  • Facilitating one-to-one, one-to-many, and many-to-many virtual networking opportunities for both individuals and businesses
  • Integration with major live streaming and webinar tools to help you host a virtual event or to turn your physical events into hybrid events
  • Real-time, in-depth analytics and data reporting to help you in making informed decisions and build better events in the future

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