Eventbrite vs. Eventtia: Compared

Considering an alternative event management platform to Eventbrite? Compare the differences between Eventtia’s all-in-one event software and online ticketing platform Eventbrite

Why Eventtia is the best alternative to Eventbrite

Whether you’re looking for more control over your events, are wanting to avoid high fees or want to run more immersive events, there are many reasons why Eventtia let’s you do more with your events. Review how the two platforms compare.





  • Dynamic online event registration
  • Manage multiple attendee profiles
  • Branded event website
  • Run targeted email campaigns
  • Secure event payment processing
    with no service fees for tickets
  • Premium branded event mobile app
  • Set up tickets or create multiple
    ticket types
  • Create immersive experiences for
    attendees with a virtual stage
  • Matchmade one-on-one networking
  • Track key attendee metrics during
    the event
  • Engage attendees with live chats,
    surveys and polls
  • Self-service portal for sponsors
    and exhibitors
  • One-click reports for sponsors
    and exhibitors
  • Robust event reporting and metrics
  • Duplicate events
  • Personalized onboarding




Do more with your events

  • Eventbrite is a ticketing platform that makes it easy to advertise an event, sell tickets, and manage registrations.

  • Eventtia is an event management software with prebuilt modules to create powerful events from A to Z. If you need an all-in-one event management solution then Eventtia is your go to option.

  • Unlike other Eventbrite competitors, Eventtia offers extra features such as custom branding, networking and a virtual stage, event website, custom mobile app and more.

Get paid directly

  • Eventbrite acts as a third party taking a cut of ticket sales and then transferring you the money.

  • With Eventtia the money that you generate from tickets goes directly to you.

  • Eventtia offers payment integrations with Paypal, Stripe, PayU, Wombi, Ingenico, and MercadoPago which can be embedded into the registration form on your event page. Eventtia’s payment solution is used as a great Eventbrite alternative by many event planners.

Branding done your way

  • Eventbrite offers little in the way of branding, with no option to create custom-branded event pages, tickets or emails.

  • Eventtia puts your brand at the center of the attendee experience. Compared to Eventbrite, Eventtia gives you the freedom to customize colors, logos, fonts and styles that match your brand.

  • If you are looking for alternatives to Eventbrite to create custom event landing pages, email campaigns, tickets, surveys and the virtual stage then Eventtia is your choice. Make it easy to communicate your brand to attendees.

Attendee experience

  • Eventbrite and Eventbrite’s competitors are focused on the build up to your event which translates to promoting your event and getting your attendees to register.

  • Eventtia comes with its own virtual stage which includes a virtual lobby, networking, live chat, surveys and polls, attendee profiles and digital experience rooms.

  • As a better Eventbrite alternative, Eventtia gives attendees the complete event experience, offering more variety and more engagement.
Eventtia Virtual Stage

Ready to get started?

With Eventtia’s customization features you can let your sponsors choose how they want to connect with your audience, their way, by making the online event as productive as possible for them.