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About UNED

UNED is the largest public university in Spain, with a student body of over 260,000 individuals. Its primary mission is to provide greater access to university education and promote continuous learning for those who cannot attend traditional on-campus courses due to work, financial, familial, or geographical constraints. As a state-wide university, UNED plays a crucial role in enabling students to pursue higher education while addressing the practical challenges that prevent them from attending traditional classroom settings.

Event Planning Challenges

The UNED was looking for an all-in-one event management platform to create and manage virtual events to engage their international audience.

Why Eventtia?

The UNED was looking for event planning software that enables teams to gain full autonomy when it comes to planning logistics. Our annual licensing option is an ideal fit for UNED, given their frequent event organization and the greater autonomy our licensing provides to their event organizers.

“The user experience is what I liked the most, the event can be easily navigated, also one can customize the event and build it depending on the different needs of the events.”

- Elena R, Audiovisual Director

Eventtia Solutions

Eventtia has enabled UNED to overcome its event management challenges through various powerful features:

  • With its pre-designed templates, the website composer allowed the team to create appealing landing pages and simplify the registration process.
  • The Virtual Stage provided a centralized hub for attendees to access event materials and schedule meetings and offered customizable data collection tools for measuring event success.
  • The networking feature facilitated student-teacher and department administrator meetings.
  • Furthermore, Virtual Stands allowed each department to have a virtual space to showcase activities and engage with attendees.

Results achieved

As a result, UNED's dedicated team utilizes Eventtia's platform with complete autonomy, efficiently managing events and receiving requests from other departments while streamlining their overall event management process. They have successfully created engaging events while also gathering and managing all necessary information in one place.

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“We manage to add more value to our attendees thanks to Eventtia. Features are great and they try to make it easier to manage events.”

“In love with Eventtia. I cannot thank you enough. We started the process with less than three weeks from the mega event (850 participants + 100 panelists), and the team was super efficient. They have a problem-solving approach, and this meant to me as the manager of the event that I could trust them with difficult situations and know that they will respond with quality and in the needed times.”

“The teams are very accessible, responsive, and pleasant to work with. It is a pleasure to collaborate with them. The platform is highly intuitive given the numerous features it offers. A comprehensive event management solution.”

“The customization of the event webpage is top notch. It's been great to list all of our event information in one place for our guests' easy reference.”