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The National Union of Construction Economists (Untec) is the only professional organization of construction economists committed to confraternal assistance, training, research and development, and professional excellence.

Event Planning Challenges

One of the biggest challenges Untec faces is streamlining the registration process for their approximately 1000 attendees while segmenting their audience (Untec members, professionals, etc.) and allowing attendees to register for specific activities.

Why Eventtia?

Untec chose Eventtia for our comprehensive registration features, efficient check-in process, and networking tool for in-person events. Our ability to provide all these features in a single, centralized tool sets us apart. With Eventtia, Untec can easily manage its event registration process, from segmenting attendees to tracking their participation throughout the event. This allows Untec to provide a seamless experience for their attendees while ensuring that their event runs smoothly and successfully.

“We manage to add more value to our attendees thanks to Eventtia. Features are great and they try to make it easier to manage events.”

- Augustin Decazes, Marketing and Communications Director

Eventtia Solutions

To ensure a successful event, Untec implemented several features using our platform:

  • The Untec event organizers created a landing page to consolidate all the essential information for visitors, including a registration form for easy access.
  • Segmenting the audience enabled the organizers to deliver a unique experience for their attendees depending on their type (Untec Members, General Visitor, Exhibitor, etc.), such as registration forms, customized badges, exclusive access to specific activities.
  • For online registration, attendees could select their attendee type which allowed them to register for exclusive activities.
  • The organizers also generated discount coupons to increase event promotion and tracked usage to determine the campaign's effectiveness.
  • Our networking module on the virtual platform allowed attendees to schedule individual meetings with exhibitors, filtering for the most convenient time.
  • The check-in app streamlined access for attendees, and the badge system with a QR code allowed exhibitors to quickly obtain contact details from visitors using the event mobile app.

Results achieved

Untec was able to upgrade its registration process, provide a unique experience for each attendee type, and track results using a single tool. Visitors could easily schedule meetings by utilizing the event mobile app and networking tool, leading to significant time savings and increased business opportunities for exhibitors.

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“In love with Eventtia. I cannot thank you enough. We started the process with less than three weeks from the mega event (850 participants + 100 panelists), and the team was super efficient. They have a problem-solving approach, and this meant to me as the manager of the event that I could trust them with difficult situations and know that they will respond with quality and in the needed times.”

“The teams are very accessible, responsive, and pleasant to work with. It is a pleasure to collaborate with them. The platform is highly intuitive given the numerous features it offers. A comprehensive event management solution.”

“The customization of the event webpage is top notch. It's been great to list all of our event information in one place for our guests' easy reference.”

“In 2017, I chose Eventtia for its simplicity and user-friendliness. I was seeking a comprehensive solution that could be easily and quickly adopted by our partners, streamlining the group's event process. Today, we can say that all our event organizers are autonomous in creating events using Eventtia.”