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Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Embrace Event Technology

Victoria Rudi
February 15, 2024

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This will come across as harsh, but planning events is a self-inflicted pain. No, I’m not saying that event professionals (or those who happen to manage events) are masochists.

But the great amount of stress, time, and effort they put into planning is the result of ignorance or unwillingness to upgrade the process.

There’s one thing organizers who didn’t embrace event technology believe: that planning something is a nightmare.

You might hear them saying things like:

  • “Creating an event website is a luxury, and you can only do it if you have time or hire someone to do it for you.”
  • “We have to cut the budget, so forget about promoting the event.”
  • “There’s no way I can attract high-quality attendees.”
  • “Using Excel spreadsheets and updating them manually is totally unavoidable.”
  • “What type of experiences do you want me to design for the attendees, if I barely have the time and energy to create a registration form?”

An assignment (aka planning the event) that should be well-structured and easy to accomplish can quickly become this kind of planner’s worst enemy.

How about you?

Are you one of those planners?

Do you still believe that Google Forms is the best way to register your attendees, or that those messy Excel spreadsheets are the only way to update event information?

If so, then look around, check your to-do lists, evaluate your stress level, and ask yourself: Is planning supposed to be this arduous and tiresome ?

Let me give you a hint: Planning can be 1% perspiration and 99% creativity (aka fun and experimentation).

“How’s that even possible?” I hear you saying.

Time to consider event technology

I get your romanticism. From time to time, we all want to go back to times when things were less complicated.

However, if you want to succeed, beat your competition (by planning awesome events), and build a real tribe around your (event’s) brand, it’s time to get serious about becoming tech-savvy and adopting REAL digital solutions.

Using Google Forms is fine, but if you want to go full in and be a true professional, you should consider purchasing good planning technology.

Here’s why:

Reason #1. It’s here to last

Professionals aren’t using event technology to appear fancy anymore. They’ve adapted to this tool to upgrade their game and make the most out of their planning strategy.

Event technology is not an indulgent fad.

It’s a game changer that not only will last in the event industry, but will also improve considerably and continuously, making planning much easier and result-oriented.

So if you believe that all these digital solutions are a passing trend, think again.

By not adapting these tools as early as possible, you’re losing time and letting others get much further than you in the game.

Reason #2. You’ll have all of your planning tools in one box

Even if you aren’t using a professional planning system yet, you’re probably at least experimenting with different apps or platforms.

Whether you’re trying out a ticketing tool or a webpage editor, I’ll bet you find yourself exhausting the trial versions and having to create multiple accounts (and passwords you won’t remember) to try and get more free versions.

All this does is decrease your productivity, fragment your focus, and disrupt your workflow.

By adopting a powerful event management system, instead, you’ll have all the tools you need in one box.

This way, you won’t have to create multiple accounts and then try to integrate all the apps or small digital tools into a coherent planning procedure.

Reason #3. It’ll keep your event strategy well-aligned

Not having event technology can make planning extremely difficult, and may even result in you losing general sight over the event strategy.

Using an all-inclusive and powerful event management system or software gives you the freedom to adjust all the indicators and your actions according to your goals.

Adopting event technology is crucial in upgrading your game and becoming agile in terms of strategic actions.

Reason #4. You’ll save money, time, stress … need I go on?

You might be thinking to yourself, “How can I save money if I have to purchase event technology?”

It’s simple: Just think about all the wasted resources that go into manually planning and updating an event.

Now think about using event management software. The only thing you have to do with event software is purchase it once, set it up the system, and sit back and let it do all the heavy lifting for you.

Moreover, some software packages will let you replicate or clone the same planning parameters for your next events, saving you money on resources.

Apart from that, you’ll save a ton of time and you won’t be so stressed when executing logistic tasks.

You won’t have to work late or on the weekends anymore!

Reason #5. You’ll gain access to an intelligent interface

Nowadays, data is everything. To make better decisions, you must establish different KPIs, collect valuable information about both your attendees and the event, and subsequently evaluate the data and make further decisions.

This is impossible if you’re manually planning an event.

A good event management system, on the other hand, can give you access to a complete intelligent interface from which you can extract meaningful insights about your performance and your event’s success.

Reason #6. It can boost your attendees’ experience

Like it or not, the attendees are the heroes of your event, and so they must be the focus of your planning efforts.

Imagine how difficult their experience will be if you provide them an unfriendly event page or a nonfunctional registration form.

Or, for example, how they’d feel if their questions or emails went unanswered and all of their event-related interactions were confusing and stressful.

Obviously, you don’t want this to happen.

Powerful event technology can help you avoid all these unpleasant moments and truly upgrade the wellbeing of your attendees, providing them with the best experiences.

Reason #7. It automates … well, everything

How much time do you spend manually updating your spreadsheets? How much effort do you put into modifying the event program according to the new changes? How difficult is it to categorize your attendees by hand and send them emails one-by-one?

You can avoid all these hassles by simply using quality event management software that will help you automatize and digitize absolutely everything.

Reason #8. You’ll gain full autonomy and control over the event

One of the things that complicate the planning process is depending on other people or providers; for example, freelance writers and website designers.

Needless to say, there are some great professionals out there who can help you build awesome sites, but there are also some irresponsible, unproductive “professionals.”

Now imagine you have to deal with an inefficient freelancer.

He or she needs to review every single change (no matter if it’s about the structure or the content), and manually execute every modification you want.

Talk about a stressful situation.

Your work could be significantly delayed and you’ll lose a good amount of time, money, and patience.

Now imagine that you’re using all-inclusive event technology that gives you full autonomy to easily make as many changes as you want on your event’s page anytime you want.

Isn’t that a relief?

Not depending on third parties can greatly improve your efficiency and give you the peace of mind that everything can be done in the moment.

Reason #9. The quality of your event will increase

Which registration form looks more professional: A clumsy Google sheet that doesn’t include a payment link or a fully designed registration form that is directly connected to an automatically generated invoice and different payment methods?

The answer is obvious, isn’t it?

By adopting a good event management system, you’ll significantly upgrade the quality of your event and transform your brand into a professional powerhouse.

Reason #10. Do things you never thought were possible

Do you want to configure different types of attendees? Do you want to transform the networking dynamic into one-on-one meetings? Do you want to easily veto potential guests?

Do you want to manage the list of invoices and be able to remind some attendees about payment due dates?

A powerful event management system makes these things possible.

When you adopt event technology, a new field of possibilities opens in front of you, making the planning a meaningful and innovative process.

Call to action

Let’s be real: The question is not if you’ll embrace the event technology, but when you’ll do it. So why suffer a few more months, or even years, if you can upgrade your game right now?

What should you do next?

Write down all the things you need when planning an event and each task’s level of difficulty (for example, creating an event website, setting up the registration form, printing badges, etc.).

Subsequently, open this page, and check how many of these assignments can be executed automatically without any effort.

Then, do your calculations.

You’ll see that it’s more than worth it to get your hands on the latest event technology and start doing wonders.

Discover how Eventtia helps world-leading brands digitize and scale their events

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Discover how Eventtia helps world-leading brands digitize and scale their events

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