Seamless online event registration to make a good first impression


Offer a hassle-free registration experience to your event attendees

Design a friendly online registration process and get more attendees to register for your event. Collect the necessary information to gain better attendee insights and improve their overall event experience.
Enhance your attendees experience​

Enhance your attendees experience

Make it easy for your attendees to fill in the online event registration form, pay the attendance fee, and register to your event.
Plan your fundraising event effortlessly

Personalize the event registration experience

Stop using generic registration forms. Segment your attendees and customize their online registration experience accordingly.
All the tools you need to plan your college’s event from start to finish

Set up the online registration in a few minutes

Don’t waste time on designing and setting up the online registration forms. Enjoy an easy-to-create event registration workflow.


Event registration platform to ensure optimal user experience

Our event registration software will help you create multiple attendee types, enable group registration, send confirmation emails, validate the participation, and more.
Create multiple registration forms
Create multiple registration forms
You can personalize the online registration experience for your event by creating multiple attendee types. Subsequently, you can create personalized event registration forms depending on the profile of your audience.
Enable group registration
Enable group registration
You can easily enable and authorize group registration with Eventtia, allowing your event attendees to register their co-workers, friends, family members, or the whole team in just a single registration.
Configure registration to your activities
Configure registration to your activities
If your event offers simultaneous activities, allow attendees to choose the tracks they want to join. Enable people to select the activities they wish to attend via the event registration form.
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Validate the attendee participation
You can require validation after attendee registration. Decide who gets to attend your event by accepting or rejecting the participants. Each attendee will then receive a confirmation or rejection email.
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Send confirmation emails
Automatize the communication with your attendees. Use predefined templates and configure the welcome messages. Your attendees will automatically receive these emails once they’ve filled in the registration form.
Manage attendees' profile
Manage attendees’ profile
Use the “Notes” feature to add important details about your attendees. Visualize your attendees’ status, and act accordingly by validating their attendance, sending personalized emails, or requesting payment.


We will accompany you throughout the event planning cycle.

Our dedicated event support team will help you clarify your needs and identify the best solutions to planning a flawless event. We’ll guide you on the way to designing and running successful events.
Become a master of event planning


Some features that you will love

Planning an event shouldn’t be stressful or time-consuming. Eventtia’s event management software will help you get the job done, even if you’ve never planned an event before.
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