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Exportation, Tourism, Investment

Type of events

Large International Networking Meetings (+30,000 attendees)

Event format

In-person, Hybrid and Virtual

Working with Eventtia

Since 2018

About ProColombia

ProColombia is the leading government agency responsible for promoting tourism, foreign investment, non-mining energy exports, and enhancing the image of Colombia both domestically and internationally. With a vast network of national and international offices, ProColombia provides extensive support and comprehensive advice to its clients, leveraging its range of services and tools to facilitate the design and implementation of its internationalization strategy. Its primary goal is generating, developing, and closing business opportunities promoting sustainable economic growth and development.

Event Planning Challenges

ProColombia faced challenges in ensuring a successful logistics plan for its upcoming networking meeting. The organization needed to oversee the registration process, facilitate the networking meetings (virtual, in-person, and hybrid), and provide attendees with necessary information about the meeting schedule, location, and other relevant details through effective communication.

Why Eventtia?

ProColombia organized frequent networking events (at least 30 per year), so they needed a tool to easily replicate their events with a seamless registration process for attendees. Eventtia was the only easy-to-use solution 100% aligned with ProColombia's logistic needs.

Reasons why brands choose Eventtia

“The fact that the enterprises are able to arrange meetings by themselves makes everything easier for the administrator, so we can focus on other important things of the event instead of the logistics of the meetings.”

- Juan Sebastian S, Project Manager

Eventtia Solutions

  • The fully customizable event landing page streamlined the registration process and provided attendees with all the necessary information.
  • The registration form enabled attendees to easily self-identify and be placed into appropriate groups, such as "buyer" and "seller," for personalized networking experiences.
  • The networking tool allowed attendees to schedule virtual and in-person meetings with other attendees based on industry, interest, or pre-established filters.
  • The mass mailing tool integrated into the platform made it easy to target the audience with attendee type and track the open email rate.
  • The virtual stage provided a centralized location for attendees to access all event-related materials and collect information about attendees while measuring the success of virtual events.

Results achieved

Since 2018, ProColombia has been a valuable customer of Eventtia and has utilized our event platform for over 130 events, including some events where they managed up to 15,000 scheduled meetings.

Overall, Eventtia has provided ProColombia with a powerful solution to manage their frequent networking events, resulting in successful outcomes and strengthening their relationships with stakeholders.

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“The user experience is what I liked the most, the event can be easily navigated, also one can customize the event and build it depending on the different needs of the events.”

“We manage to add more value to our attendees thanks to Eventtia. Features are great and they try to make it easier to manage events.”

“In love with Eventtia. I cannot thank you enough. We started the process with less than three weeks from the mega event (850 participants + 100 panelists), and the team was super efficient. They have a problem-solving approach, and this meant to me as the manager of the event that I could trust them with difficult situations and know that they will respond with quality and in the needed times.”

“The teams are very accessible, responsive, and pleasant to work with. It is a pleasure to collaborate with them. The platform is highly intuitive given the numerous features it offers. A comprehensive event management solution.”