A virtual stage to host your immersive events


Host virtual and hybrid events effortlessly

Run memorable events without any technical background. Set your virtual stage and create immersive experiences to dazzle your virtual attendees.
Provide attendees with a single access point​

Provide attendees with a single access point

Eventtia’s virtual stage allows you to include any live streams, pre-recorded content, event program, a live chat, attendee profiles, sponsorship booths, and any added extras.
Ensure easy access to your virtual event​

Ensure easy access to your virtual event

Prior to the event, attendees will be given a link to the virtual stage, which they can access by signing in to the virtual stage using the email that they registered with. Once inside, they can then view all of the assets that you’ve prepared for the event.
Showcase the identity of your brand​

Showcase the identity of your brand

Increase brand awareness by communicating your corporate identity. Customize the virtual stage using your company’s color scheme, logos, illustrations, and other visual assets.


Set up your virtual stage to provide a smooth attendee experience

Enable your attendees to access video content, interact with other participants through a live chat and networking, enter digital experience rooms, and take a look at sponsor booths.
Video player
Video player
Eventtia offers integrations with Zoom, Google Meet, YouTube, WebEx and custom video players which are embedded onto the virtual stage through an iframe.
Event agenda
Event agenda
Attendees can access your full event agenda in the sidebar. The schedule includes the upcoming sessions, and comes with the option to add activities to the attendees’ personal calendar.
Public chat
Public chat
Enable your attendees to communicate with each other and with the speakers. This is your most important tool to get the conversation going and is vital for engagement.
Attendee profiles
Attendee profiles
As part of the networking module, attendees can view the profiles of all the other participants. From here, attendees can start a personal chat, view their agenda, and schedule personal meetings with them.
Sponsors booths
Sponsors booths
Provide a space for attendee interaction, allowing people to share their event experiences through photos, posts, reactions, and comments.
Language options
Language options
The virtual stage can be translated into Spanish, French, Catalan, Italian, Turkish, and Arabic, you can also offer simultaneous translations on your video content with an added widget.


We will accompany you throughout the event planning cycle.

Our dedicated event support team will help you clarify your needs and identify the best solutions to planning a flawless event. We’ll guide you on the way to designing and running successful events.
We will accompany you throughout the event planning cycle.​


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Planning an event shouldn’t be stressful or time-consuming. Eventtia’s event management software will help you get the job done, even if you’ve never planned an event before.
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