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Founded in 1890 as a brewing company in Monterrey, Mexico, FEMSA has become a leading global company in the beverage, retail, logistics, and distribution industries.

Event Planning Challenges

To ensure the confidentiality of their meetings, FEMSA needed a highly cautious and discreet platform to host their events.

Why Eventtia?

Eventtia's visually appealing interface and easy navigation for both organizers and attendees caught FEMSA's attention. Additionally, our Premium Support provided an advantage to the company by allowing our team to handle the configuration and logistics while FEMSA focused exclusively on content creation. Finally, we ensure that the personal information of the attendees is kept confidential and secure, as our platform is compliant with the SOC II voluntary compliance standard for service organizations.

Reasons why brands choose Eventtia

"We loved the ease of use of the tool, how quickly it can be updated, and the changes are reflected. The service-oriented attitude and availability of the Eventtia team.”

- Estefania Garcia, Change Management

Eventtia Solutions

  • Premium Support: The client used the Premium Support service, which provided an onboarding session to familiarize them with the platform, and then communicated all the necessary information, visuals, and content to the Eventtia team to set up the event.
  • Customized Modules: The client used customized Virtual Stage modules to share additional information with attendees, such as PDFs, and create virtual video activities during breaks.
  • Zoom Integration: Attendees were required to access the Zoom meeting using a password. This feature helped maintain the confidentiality of the meetings. Eventtia's Zoom integration allowed for a seamless and secure virtual experience.
  • Surveys: The client created tailored surveys for each speaker, enabling attendees to provide feedback on the clarity and effectiveness of their presentations.

Results achieved

The client successfully communicated its messages, kept attendees engaged, and gained instant feedback through tailored surveys. The organizers achieved their desired results, ensuring a memorable and secure event experience for their attendees.

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“It is extremely easy to set up, the platform is very stable at all times, and I have even started to use its platform to develop the websites of the events. Everything is integrated and the experience of the entire process, both for the attendees and for the organizers, is excellent.”

“Very efficient and reactive customer support, easy-to-use and set-up platform, a combination of everything we needed for our in-person event (registration, match-making, communication, check-in).”

“Eventtia was the right choice for my virtual event. It was easy to use, easy to configure and overall it's a very visually attractive platform, in comparison to others.”

“My overall experience with Eventtia is really good. Not only at the software level, but also for the human capital it contributes. Both the sales service and the support service have been a clear example of professionalism.”