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About Netmind

Netmind is a team of experts that empowers organizations to create a modern business ecosystem focusing on agility. They help organizations develop the necessary talent and culture to leverage technology for innovation, improvement, and continuous learning, enabling them to implement custom digital strategies and deliver business value to their customers.

Event Planning Challenges

When they partnered with us, Netmind entered the emerging world of hybrid events. Their goal was to create a seamless experience for virtual attendees, enabling them to fully engage with the event and feel on equal footing with in-person attendees. Additionally, the event needed to be offered in both Spanish and English, requiring a bilingual website and virtual stage, and real-time translation of the conferences.

Why Eventtia?

Netmind chose Eventtia as a tech partner to manage the entire virtual experience. Our platform offers a multi-language virtual stage, enabling high-quality streaming of conferences. Attendees could access recordings on demand, even after the event. Our platform also provided seamless integration for live translations, ensuring that language barriers are not an issue for virtual attendees. Additionally, our interactive features are engaging and immersive, allowing virtual attendees to feel fully connected to the event.

“My overall experience with Eventtia is really good. Not only at the software level, but also for the human capital it contributes. Both the sales service and the support service have been a clear example of professionalism.”

- Teresa Garcia, Event Planner

Eventtia Solutions

  • Multi-Language Website: To ensure maximum reach and inclusivity, Eventtia offered a multi-language website feature. Organizers created their event website in English, then replicated and translated it into Spanish. This created a final website in multiple languages, making it easier for attendees from different countries to access and engage with the event.
  • Multi-Language Virtual Stage: Eventtia's virtual stage is designed to offer attendees a seamless and personalized experience. It is available in 7 languages at all times, allowing attendees to switch between languages with just a click. This feature helped organizers overcome language barriers and cater to the needs of a diverse audience.
  • Streaming: Netmind used Eventtia's Streamyeard integration to ensure their event's smooth broadcasting. This external professional streaming platform allowed for seamless and high-quality streaming of conference content.
  • On-Demand Videos: With Eventtia, organizers can automatically upload live-streamed conference content to YouTube after the event. Attendees can access these videos on demand via the virtual stage, providing flexibility and convenience.
  • Surveys: Eventtia's customized satisfaction survey feature allowed organizers to gather participant feedback. This feature helped them identify areas for improvement and tailor future events to meet the attendees' needs.

Results achieved

Thanks to Eventtia's powerful event management software, Netmind delivered a hybrid event experience that matched the quality and interactivity of in-person events. The multi-language website and virtual stage features helped Netmind expand its audience and reach a global community. Using Eventtia, Netmind also reduced their events' costs while offering attendees an exceptional experience. Overall, Netmind was satisfied with the results achieved and the value that Eventtia's platform provided to their event.

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"Eventtia platform lets you easily duplicate event pages you or other members of your organization have done in the past and with a couple of changes you can set up a whole new event at a glance."

“The fact that the enterprises are able to arrange meetings by themselves makes everything easier for the administrator, so we can focus on other important things of the event instead of the logistics of the meetings.”

“The user experience is what I liked the most, the event can be easily navigated, also one can customize the event and build it depending on the different needs of the events.”

“We manage to add more value to our attendees thanks to Eventtia. Features are great and they try to make it easier to manage events.”