Put the spotlight on your sponsors and exhibitors


Secure financing with Eventtia’s sponsorship module

Event sponsorship is a powerful marketing tool that plays a vital role in every event strategy.
Attract sponsorship to finance your event​

Attract sponsorship to finance your event

Secure financing for the event by creating multiple growth opportunities for your sponsors and exhibitors.
Give sponsors complete control over their virtual stands​

Give sponsors complete control over their virtual stands

Provide your sponsors and exhibitors with the necessary tools to build attractive virtual stands.
Generate high ROI for your sponsors and exhibitors​

Generate high ROI for your sponsors and exhibitors

Maximize your sponsors’ visibility and help them achieve their business goals.


Guarantee high brand exposure at your events

Eventtia’s Sponsorship Module will allow your sponsors and exhibitors to configure their virtual stands, offer downloadables to your attendees, include Call to Actions (CTAs), sell their products, and more.
Virtual stand customization
Virtual stand customization
Your sponsors and exhibitors can choose between five stand models, adding elements such as the logo, color scheme, brief description, website, banner, social media links, and videos.
Downloadables and CTAs
Downloadables and CTAs
Eventtia’s Sponsorship Module allows sponsors and exhibitors to upload up to 10 files, such as .png, .jpg, .pdf, or .zip. The maximum upload size is 10MB per file.
Sponsors and exhibitors can display up to 100 products for sale. Moreover, Eventtia allows them to redirect the event attendees to their e-commerce or business website.
Attendees’ contact details
Your sponsors and exhibitors can see the list of attendees who gave their permission to be contacted. Also, they can download this list via the dashboard.
Networking with prospects
Our Networking Module will enable your sponsors to engage with your event attendees and generate business connections with possible prospects.
Sponsored activities
Sponsored activities
Your sponsors and exhibitors can add activities to their event agenda and stream the sessions via your platform. They can also ask attendees to register before attending the activity.


We will accompany you throughout the event planning cycle.

Our dedicated event support team will help you clarify your needs and identify the best solutions to planning a flawless event. We’ll guide you on the way to designing and running successful events.
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Planning an event shouldn’t be stressful or time-consuming. Eventtia’s event management software will help you get the job done, even if you’ve never planned an event before.
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