Event engagement tools to increase the participation rate


Engage Your Virtual and In-person Event Attendees

Design immersive experiences, delight your attendees, and ensure a high participation rate by deploying multiple event engagement software and dynamics.
Involve your attendees​

Involve your attendees

Make people feel part of the event experience. Use Eventtia’s engagement tools to create an inspiring environment for participation and co-creation.
Capture people’s attention​

Capture people’s attention

Design powerful engagement experiences with event engagement solutions to maintain your virtual or in-person attendees’ attention on what’s happening on the (virtual) stage.
Get to know your audience better​

Get to know your audience better

Discover your attendees’ opinion regarding different event topics, sessions, and engagement experiences.


Set up unique engagement experiences your attendees will remember

Give people a voice. Enable your attendees to interact with each other, engage with the event environment, connect with your speakers, and share their thoughts on multiple subjects with audience engagement tools.
Social Wall
Social Wall
Facilitate attendee interaction by enabling a space where people can upload photos, publish comments, and discuss their event-related experiences publicly.
Live Chat
Live Chat
Allow your attendees to communicate with each other. Eventtia’s audience engagement software allows you to create different chat channels and decide which event attendee types can use them.
Live polls and quizzes
Live polls and quizzes
Interact with your attendees during the event and collect their real-time answers or reactions to questions moderators or speakers have prepared.
Q&A sessions
Q&A sessions
Ensure active attendee participation during the event. The Q&A audience engagement feature option will help attendees engage with your speakers and upvote their favorite questions.
Emoji reactions
Emoji reactions
Know how people feel about your event by activating the Emoji Reactions on the Virtual Stage. Allow your attendees to share their excitement about the sessions they’re attending.
Get your attendees’ feedback regarding their event experience. Send post-event surveys to evaluate your event’s success and know what to improve next.


We will accompany you throughout the event planning cycle.

Our dedicated event support team will help you clarify your needs and identify the best event engagement solutions to planning a flawless event. We’ll guide you on the way to designing and running successful events.
We will accompany you throughout the event planning cycle.​


Some features that you will love

Planning an event shouldn’t be stressful or time-consuming. Eventtia’s event management software will help you get the job done, even if you’ve never planned an event before.

Frequently asked questions

Yes. Your virtual attendees can interact through the virtual stage, while people who attend your in-person events can engage through our mobile event engagement app.
The virtual stage seamlessly integrates multiple audience engagement features, allowing you to generate real-time feedback, encourage audience participation, and create interactive experiences that keep attendees actively involved throughout the event. You can engage your virtual event attendees by enabling countless dynamics, such as:

  • Emoji reactions: Elevate event attendee engagement and allow them to express their emotions captivatingly. Grant your attendees access to vibrant emoji reactions, adding a lively dimension to your event experience.
  • Polling: Engage your audience by allowing them to share their opinions and actively participate in sessions. Real-time visualizations present the answers in an interactive format.
  • Quizzes: Add elements of gamification and interaction to your presentations, energizing your audience—design quizzes with session-related questions and display leaderboards.
  • Surveys: Gather valuable insights from your audience and receive their thoughts on important topics. Use surveys to gain specific session feedback or collect more general information.
  • Live Q&A: Provide your audience with the opportunity to have their questions heard. Social Wall: Promote attendee interaction by providing a dedicated social engagement platform where individuals can upload photos, share comments, and engage in public discussions about their event experiences.
  • Live Chat: Enable seamless communication among attendees. Eventtia’s virtual engagement tools allows you to create various chat channels and customize access based on attendee types, fostering meaningful conversations during the event.
Using our mobile app for events, you can engage attendees at your in-person events. Similar to the virtual stage for virtual events, our mobile app allows you to launch live polls to collect your audience’s opinions on specific topics or quizzes to test their knowledge.

Additionally, people can interact with your speakers by sending their questions through the app. Moreover, your attendees can vote for the questions they like most, ensuring the speaker will answer the relevant ones.
Yes, our event engagement platform allows you to integrate multiple audience engagement tools, such as:

  • Slido is a platform designed for virtual meetings, offering polling and Q&A functionalities that foster two-way communication between event organizers and the audience. You can seamlessly embed it into video conferencing or share through screen sharing. With Eventtia’s integration, Slido provides simple polling and audience interaction, consolidating everything in one place. Attendee interactions are captured and stored, allowing easy export, analysis, and report generation. No downloads are necessary, and the software is user-friendly.
  • Mentimeter is an intuitive online audience engagement platform that facilitates questions, polls, images, quizzes, and slides. Like Slido, presenters can integrate Mentimeter into their video conferencing platform or share it via screen sharing. Audience members can respond and interact through Eventtia’s virtual stage integration or using a secondary device. After the presentation, data can be analyzed, and performance and progress can be tracked over time.
  • Mentimeter requires no downloads, ensuring a seamless user experience. Sparkup is a comprehensive event engagement platform that enhances audience engagement and participation. It offers countless interactive activities, including word clouds, live polling, and quizzes, to stimulate interaction and engagement with your audience. Sparkup can be accessed from any device without downloading, providing convenient access for event organizers and attendees.
Eventtia offers a B2B matchmaking and networking tool allowing attendees to request, accept or reject one-on-one meetings. This audience engagement tool works for in-person, hybrid, and virtual events. Moreover, during hybrid events, our networking tool allows virtual attendees to schedule online meetings with people attending in person.
Eventtia allows you to send post-event surveys to gather your attendees’ feedback. You can invite them to answer the survey within an external survey link or within the survey module on the virtual stage or the event mobile app.
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