Event management software for small and medium businesses

We know that small and medium businesses require specific features and pricing when planning and hosting events. That’s why Eventtia created a suite of advanced event planning and managing tools that fit your needs and that help you increase the success of your events.

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A 360° event software for your small and medium business events

All the tools you need to plan your event from start to finish

Cut out time-consuming tasks and simplify how you plan your events with an easy-to-use event platform adapted to small businesses needs.

Reach and engage attendees with branded event marketing

Run targeted marketing campaigns and wow attendees with a seamless experience.

Put your event data to work and run smarter events

Improve your events by using dashboards that are part of our event management software for small businesses to capture metrics and then scale as you grow.

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Broadcast your event content easily

With our event management software for small and medium businesses, you can manage the streaming of your conferences, round tables and more. Thanks to our streaming integrations and our very own streaming tool : Eventtia Studio, broadcasting your content will never have been so easy.

Ensure high-quality networking experiences

Our B2B matchmaking tool will help your attendees eliminate the uncertainty factor and schedule one-on-one networking meetings, engaging with like-minded professionals and generating meaningful business connections.

Build a strong brand image for your events

Events can help small businesses to increase their visibility and expand their outreach. Discover our event brand customization options to communicate your company’s identity. From your event website to the virtual stage and invitations, Eventtia will help you personalize your event and create unique experiences for your attendees.

Plan smarter virtual and hybrid events with untapped data

Measure attendee engagement, sponsor ROI and more to provide real-time ROI and put your small business event data to work with robust reporting and dashboards that give you a whole new perspective on the impact of your event.
Reporting &
Live data

Become a master of event planning

Our Customer Success Team is here to guarantee the complete success of your fundraising event. Before the event, we will train your team to use our event registration and management platform for nonprofits. This way, you’ll become fully autonomous to organize your own nonprofit or charity event. At the same time, you can require a CS team member to assist your event and resolve any issues in real-time.


Some features that you will love

Planning an event shouldn’t be stressful or time-consuming. Eventtia’s event management software will help you get the job done, even if you’ve never planned an event before.

Frequently asked questions

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Even a small, seemingly simple event for small businesses (i.e., an internal meeting) can be quite challenging to plan and manage, with all the different moving parts and variables.

A small business event management software can help simplify the otherwise complex event management process in several key areas:

  • Tracking the progress of different tasks: Running an event can involve many different tasks performed by many different teams and departments, and the larger the event is, the more complex it will be to track all these tasks and how they progress. An event management solution for small businesses can help you keep track of all these different tasks and milestones in a centralized place.

  • Online registration: A modern small business event management solution should also offer a reliable online registration (ticketing) capability, facilitating online registration from anywhere, anytime, and on any device.

  • Reporting and analytics: Generating comprehensive and intuitive reports and KPIs to help event organizers and small businesses evaluate the performance of each event.

  • Manage promotions and marketing: Promoting an event will involve different marketing channels. A robust event management solution like Eventtia can help you deploy and track multiple marketing activities.

An event management solution can help small businesses and event organizers plan, manage, and host to maximize registration and delight the attendees.
While each event is unique, and each event organizer/business would have different objectives when hosting an event, here are some of the must-have features all small businesses would appreciate from an event management software solution:

  1. All-in-one solution: Today’s event industry demands event planners to be able to plan and host different types of events (and sometimes, a combination of types) depending on the target audience and objectives. This is why it’s best to choose versatile event management software that enables you to easily run all types of events (virtual, in-person, and hybrid).

  2. Online registration: Fully-functional and reliable event registration function is essential for any event management platform for small business. There should be options to list different types of tickets, complete with discounts and special offers. The overall registration process (including payment) must be seamless but secure.

  3. Attendee check-ins and management: A good small business event management solution should offer secure and seamless check-ins while also facilitating real-time syncing of all attendee data during the event.

  4. Reliable ticketing and payment collection: You’d want a solution that enables you to easily sell different types of tickets, including early bird promos while ensuring reliable payment collection to facilitate revenue generation.

  5. Sponsorship management: Sponsorship remains one of the most important ways to fund events. You’d want an event management software with reliable sponsorship management features, both in terms of managing connections and in facilitating great sponsorship packages.

  6. Event marketing: Small business event management software solutions should also be equipped with tools that help streamline the process of promoting your event, like intuitive website builders and email marketing tools. Also, look for features that can help you manage marketing spending and make adjustments when needed.

  7. Analytics and reporting: The solution should offer analytics and reporting tools that can help you monitor the event’s performance according to its objectives and generate reports you can use to prove the event’s value to partners and sponsors.
Again, while each event organizer and business may have unique needs and priorities when it comes to choosing an event management software, the following tips can be important considerations when choosing between different solutions for your small business:

  1. Multiple features: It’s best to choose an all-in-one solution that offers the ability for you to gain full control over the event by providing all the tools you need (for in-person, virtual, and hybrid events) in one place. Having to rely on multiple disconnected solutions (i.e., one registration software, another event marketing software) will disrupt your event team’s workflow and overall productivity.

  1. Focused on maximizing attendee experience: Choose an event management solution that is guest-centric. All the features offered by the event management solution should focus on ensuring seamless, hassle-free, and memorable experiences for your attendees.

  1. Verify customer support reliability: If the event management solution for small businesses offers a free trial, make the most of the free trial period to test whether the solution offers reliable customer support. Ideally, you’d want an event planning system that offers competent and reliable support.Eventtia offers reliable customer support, so you can always get access to competent help whenever you have any urgent questions or are faced with an emergency, even after midnight during the weekend.

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