Event management software for nonprofits and charity organizations

Non-profit organizations have unique requirements when planning and hosting events. Eventtia created a suite of advanced event planning and managing tools to help you increase the success of your fundraising efforts and charity events.

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A 360° event software for your fundraising events

Plan your fundraising event effortlessly

Cut out time-consuming tasks and streamline your events planning with an easy-to-use event platform for nonprofits.

Reach attendees with branded event marketing

Run targeted marketing campaigns, connecting and engaging with your future attendees.

Put your event data to work and run smarter events

Improve your events by accessing attendance and ROI data via dashboards. Our event management software will help you capture relevant metrics and use them to plan better fundraising events.

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Event Ticketing

Guests can purchase event tickets with ease via Eventtia’s event management platform for nonprofit and charity organizations. Customizable by any number of ticket types and of varying party sizes. Ticket holders can invite their guests to a fundraising or charity event with email links which allow their party members to register online.

Ease the donations

One of the most important things when organizing a fundraising event is to enable your attendees to make donations to the cause they support the most. With Eventtia’s event management software for non-profit organizations, you can integrate payment platforms such as Stripe, Paypal, Payu, Adyen, Mercado Pago and more.

Make your attendees part of the action

Enable your attendees to find different ways to participate and connect with your event. Eventtia’s event software for nonprofits provides you the tools to design interactive events that drive audience engagement.

Plan smarter virtual events with untapped data

Our robust reporting and dashboards tool will give you a complete overview of your impact on fundraising events. Put your virtual nonprofit event data to work by measuring attendee engagement, sponsor ROI, and more.

Reporting &




Become a master of event planning

Our Customer Success Team is here to guarantee the complete success of your fundraising event. Before the event, we will train your team to use our event registration and management platform for nonprofits. This way, you’ll become fully autonomous to organize your own nonprofit or charity event. At the same time, you can require a CS team member to assist your event and resolve any issues in real-time.


Pre-event engagement

Encourage your guests to connect with other participants and get to know each other by offering them a pre-event virtual interaction platform.

Online registration

Online registration is at the core of our nonprofit event software. We designed our event platform, integrating a full-featured registration and ticketing module.

Event campaigns

If you want to efficiently promote your event, be ready to send emails. Our powerful nonprofit event platform will help you set up and deploy targeted email campaigns.

Event websites

Your website is the forefront of your fundraising event and a powerful tool for attracting new attendees. Create awesome websites for your events with our drag-and-drop editor.
Mobile check-in funtionality


By using our check-in mobile app for nonprofits, you’ll finally be able to avoid long waiting lines at the entrance, also effortlessly managing the access flow.
Attendee tracking functionality icon

Attendee tracking

We’ve simplified the attendee tracking processes. Know what your guests are doing while attending your event and improve their experience.
Progressive APP

Branded mobile app

We give you the canvas, you choose the colors. Use our virtual event platform for nonprofits to build your event identity and gain more exposure by using the branding option we’re offering.
Event Attendee chat and live polls EVENTTIA

Chat and live polls

Ensure better attendee engagement by offering them the possibility of communicating via chat or engaging during the sessions in live poll and see the results in real time.

Frequently asked questions

Whether you need the answers to an event-related problem or you would just like to hear more about our in-person, hybrid or virtual event software for nonprofits, we’re all ears!
If you are already familiar with the process of planning a regular event, many of the principles and best practices would still apply: defining your goals (i.e., what causes are you looking to support, and how), estimate your budget, use professional event management software for nonprofit or charity organizations and define your target audience.

However, there are also some unique considerations you should have when planning a for-profit event:

  1. Funding: we generally have more limited funding options when planning for-profit events, as we can’t rely on ticket sales and will typically have more limited sponsorship opportunities.
  2. Audience diversity: for-profit events tend to have a more defined and targeted audience than that of a non-profit. In non-profit events, you should target a broader audience, including donors, volunteers, corporate donors/sponsors, and the general public that might be interested in supporting the cause.
  3. Staffing: since you’ll most likely have a more limited budget, you may need to rely on volunteers.
  4. Type of events: while all types of events can be turned into fundraising events, some might suit your donors’ preferences better than others.
In the past, most fundraising events rely on cash contributions during and after the event, but nowadays, we have more options:

  • On your website’s online donation form
  • Over the phone
  • Emails
  • Social media platforms

And more.

You should plan multichannel fundraising so it’s as easy and flexible as possible for prospective donors to pledge their contributions.

An important consideration when hosting a non-profit fundraising event is that as a public charity, your event has to receive at least 30% of its support from the general public, so you can’t rely on your board members, founders, or staff members’ contributions.
While in a for-profit event, our main focus is to keep your attendees engaged and prove the event’s value to sponsors, there are additional layers of considerations when planning non-profit events: persuading your donors that the cause your event is supporting is worth their contribution, and ensuring it’s as easy as possible for donors to make their donation.

So, three main factors determine the quality of your fundraising event:

  1. Engagement: use non profit event management platform for event’s activities to attract and engage attendees.
  2. Confirmation: whether your event’s content can successfully convince donors to join the cause.
  3. Conversion: ensuring it’s as easy as possible for donors to pledge their contribution before, during, and after the event.
The answer to this question would demand an in-depth article on its own, but here are some industry-standard guidelines you can refer to:

In general, event organizers and non-profit organizations willing to host a non-profit event should monitor their behavior consistently with specialized event management software for nonprofit and charity organizations while paying attention to the organizational code of ethics.
A non-profit event software solution is a technology solution designed to help you plan and manage your non-profit fundraising event from start to finish.

An all-in-one non-profit event software like Eventtia could help you in:

  • Estimating your budget
  • Online registration and ticketing
  • Enabling your donors and attendees to easily make their donations. Integration with Stripe, Paypal, Payu, Adyen, Mercado Pago and more.
  • Monitoring and managing attendee engagement
  • Analytics and reporting to help you plan smarter online events with untapped data
There is a wide variety of marketing channels and methods you can use to promote your event, and your creativity is the only limit.

Here are some ways how event management software for nonprofits can help you market your event:

  • Promoting your event on social media, including a donation link in your social media posts
  • Mentioning your event at other fundraising events (by partnering with other non-profit organizations or event planners)
  • Reaching out to relevant influencers that also support the cause you are supporting.
  • Email marketing, incorporating info about your donation in your emails.