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Create outstanding experiences while increasing event planning efficiency with a powerful and easy-to-use event management platform.

World’s leading brands create memorable events with Eventtia

Digitize and Scale Your Events With an All-in-One Events Management Platform

Our versatile event planning software takes care of your routine tasks and assists you in the creative and strategic aspects of your event.

Create Memorable Experiences

Craft seamless multichannel experiences your attendees will remember.

Maximize Event Planning and ROI

Simplify, optimize and boost event management with a robust and easy-to-use event platform.

Achieve Success

Get the customer support you need to deploy and use a comprehensive all-in-one event management software with success.


Use One Platform To Host Many Event Formats and Types

Whether in-person, virtual or hybrid, for more than a decade, some of the most exciting events have been made with Eventtia.

Discover the Event Creation Experience With Eventtia

In less than 2 minutes, discover how quick and easy creating a new event is.

Online Registration

Manage event bookings with fully-customizable registration forms.

Email Marketing

Create customized, segmented and automated email campaigns.

Targeted Mass SMS

Promote your sessions, speakers, sponsors, and products.

Event Landing Page

Design event websites that reflect your brand identity, in just a few clicks.

Agenda Management

Highlight your speakers and include multiple event activities.

Attendee Segmentation

Personalize and customize the experience for your different attendee types.


Elevate Your Events Strategy and Build Brand Value With Top-Notch Planning Tools

Create unforgettable experiences for your attendees in a fraction of the time with Eventtia’s cutting-edge event production and marketing tools.


Optimize Your Sales Strategy and Increase Your Revenue

Maximize your event revenue with Eventtia's advanced ticketing and payment solutions.

Pricing Tiers

Create a tiered pricing structure based on access to different event activities.

Discount Coupons

Offer discount codes to increase event attendance rate and drive more sales.

Payment Processing

Collect payments with the industry's most advanced payment solutions.

Event Invoices

Generate, customize, send, and manage invoices efficiently.

Payment Reminders

Send reminders to attendees who still need to pay.


Sell T-shirts, hats, and books directly through your registration forms.

Event Mobile App

Improve your event experience with a customizable mobile app.

Live Notifications

Keep your attendees informed about relevant updates or changes.

Attendee Badges

Generate stylish event badges for your participants.

On-site Check-in

Ensure stress-free and enjoyable event access for all attendees.

Event Checkpoints

Track your attendees activities throughout your events.

Data Exchange

Enable attendees to instantly share their contact information with others.


Ensure Impactful Outcomes for Every In-Person Event

Host unique in-person events, reducing uncertainty, guaranteeing an enjoyable experience, and leaving a positive lasting impression.


Break All Boundaries and Connect With A Worldwide Audience

Deliver immersive experiences to attendees regardless of their location. Host top-level online events and engage with a boundless audience.

Eventtia Studio

Control your virtual events' video streaming with our built-in studio.

Video Players

Broadcast from any video player such as Youtube, Zoom and Vimeo.

Private and Secured Access

Enable participants to join your virtual events with different login and access controls.

Virtual Stage Modules

Design custom modules, including activities and content.

Video Recording

Capture your sessions for later viewing.

Simultaneous Interpretation

Add translated audio to any live broadcast.

Networking Profiles

Segment your audience to facilitate better networking.

Pre-event Engagement

Facilitate attendee conversations before the event.

Virtual/In-person Networking

Offer your attendees options to connect and engage.

Live Polls and Quizzes

Boost attendee engagement with dynamic interactive features.

Q&A and Live Chat

Encourage attendee conversations by enabling chat channels.

Social Wall

Enable public spaces where people can discuss event-related experiences.


Harness The Potential of Engagement Marketing at Your Events

Encourage attendee interaction and help them build meaningful connections with others with Eventtia’s engagement marketing tools.


Identify Actionable Insights From Your Event Dashboards

Evaluate your event ROI, gain valuable attendee data, and optimize your future events with Eventtia’s advanced analytics and reporting tools.

Real-time Data

Stay informed on attendance numbers and popular sessions.

Unique Connected Attendees

Track attendance numbers for your virtual events.

Networking Meetings

See how many attendees have accepted or rejected meetings.

Registration Data

Visualize registered attendees based on their type.

Website Visits

Analyze from website to attendee conversion rate to improve your marketing efforts.

Surveys and Feedback

Make data-driven decisions to enhance the overall attendee experience.


Scale Your Event Planning Operations With Our API-first Software

Create and expand customized event management workflows by integrating Eventtia’s modular API building blocks and endpoints.

Enterprise-grade Features and Services

Digitize and scale Your Events Strategy Company-wide

Eventtia enables enterprises to manage all users from a centralized directory efficiently, simplifying user administration and providing a seamless event management experience.
Eventtia’s white-label feature allows enterprises to fully customize their event management platform incorporating their identity elements and ensuring a consistent brand experience.
Enterprises can integrate our event management platform with existing processes and applications, allowing for streamlined workflows, increased efficiency, and enhanced data management capabilities.
Eventtia’s Audit Logs feature provides admins with a detailed trail of account activity, ensuring accountability and security while simplifying compliance with regulatory requirements.
Using Eventtia, enterprises can scale their strategy from one to thousands of events per year and create custom event portals to showcase and promote their past, present, and future events.
Enterprises can assign user roles, define their access to features and information, and ensure data security by enforcing the separation of privileges and granting access only to authorized users with our top-notch event management solution.
Enterprises can connect their event data with existing data lake, enabling advanced analytics, data mining, and machine learning for insights into attendee behavior and event performance.
Enterprises have access to personalized, dedicated, and expert assistance from Eventtia’s team, covering all aspects of their event management, ensuring easy event production.
Enterprises using Eventtia’s event management platform can rest assured that their events are in good hands with our robust service level agreement (SLA) and ongoing support, ensuring peace of mind and top-notch service.
Eventtia’s team is committed to meeting enterprise requirements by building personalized solutions, ensuring their complete alignment with a company’s specific event-related goals and needs.

Eventtia is your trusted event technology partner

Ongoing support

Eventtia’s team helps you integrate our event management system with your workflows and succeed in your day-to-day operations.

Extensive expertise

We have a decade of experience developing event planning solutions and accompanying worldwide brands in their events strategy.

Collaborative approach

Our team’s spirit of partnership and ambitious technological vision allows us to develop long-term collaborations with our customers.

We understand how important data security is to you

SOC II is a voluntary compliance standard for service organizations, developed by the American Institute of CPAs (AICPA), which specifies how organizations should manage customer data. The standard is based on the following Trust Services Criteria: security, availability, processing integrity, confidentiality and privacy.


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