Extend the value of your events with hybrid event platform

Capture a wider audience for your event and drive exciting experiences that keeps them connected whether they are in-person or remote.

We help you to address the biggest challenges of hybrid event management

Take the complexity and risk out of running hybrid events

Use a single hybrid event platform
that gives you the flexibility to
choose which parts of your event
you want to digitalize.

Create an equally rewarding experience for both types of attendees

Accompany your physical and virtual assistants with a memorable and inclusive experience wherever they are.

Make your virtual attendees feel like they’re part of the action throughout

Enable continuous interaction with opportunities for networking, interaction and lead capture before, during and after your hybrid event.

One platform, two personalized attendee experiences

Use hybrid event software to create two unmissable attendee experiences that allow in-person and virtual participants to interact and network without having to create two different events.







Invitations, websites, registration forms, email, ticketing, payments, coupons, check-in & registration app, badge printing
Speaker, sponsor, and exhibitor profiles. Sessions, full event programme, personalised agendas, and calendar sync Venue Maps, checkpoints
Let guests control their event day with your own event app including notifications, Q&As, social, networking and meetings QR lead capture
Reporting dashboards, thank you emails, analysis
Invitations, websites, registration forms, email, ticketing, payments, coupons
Speaker, sponsor, and exhibitor profiles. Sessions, full event programme, personalised agendas, and calendar sync Event commander to track metrics in real-time
Broadcast content on the virtual stage Notifications, Q&As, social, chat, video meetings and networking Lead capture, sponsor and exhibitor booths

Reporting dashboards, thank you emails, analysis

Boost the physical experience thanks to digital tools

Whether you want to expand your reach, optimize data capture, or expand the timeline of your event, Eventtia’s hybrid platform for events complements your in-person events by doubling their impact without giving you any added stress.


Virtual stage

Virtual exhibitor

Reporting &

Create a space for attendees to connect, online and offline

Combine the best of both worlds by giving attendees multiple options to connect regardless of whether they are physical or virtual. Through a Eventtia’s mobile event app attendees can participate in networking, live chat, quizzes and Q&A.


mobile app


Provide attendees with a safe on-site experience

Provide an on-site attendee experience that puts safety first. Streamline the on-site experience with contactless check-in, use room control to track the whereabouts of attendees,
and avoid congestion by checkpoints with an all-in-one hybrid events platform.


QR Check-in


Room control

Generate more sponsors opportunities than ever before

Give your sponsors and exhibitors what they’re looking for: qualified leads, metrics and visibility, by ensuring sponsors get the most from the event with booths, networking, sessions and content for in-person and virtual.




Lead capture

Understand your live and virtual impact

Use a hybrid event platform to get the full picture into your event with real-time insights, engagement and sponsor performance through the use of mobile applications, QR codes and dashboards to capture valuable data and make better-informed decisions.

Reporting &d

Lead capture


Frequently asked questions

Whether you need the answers to an event-related problem or you would just like to hear more about our hybrid event software, we’re all ears!
Online meeting tools such as Zoom only give you one component of a hybrid event—live streaming individual sessions. Eventtia’s fully integrated, all-in-one hybrid event software allows you to plan, promote, analyze and scale your events.
Before the event, you can set up event registration and market the event with a website creator and email marketing tool.
During the event, you can run multiple sessions in different breakout rooms, facilitate hybridnetworking and sponsor booths, all via a branded hybrid stage. And after the event, you can use our online event management software for powerful reporting to track event performance and the attendee journey.
With Eventtia’s Hybrid Stage attendees have their own launchpad to every aspect of your event including content, breakout rooms, networking, sponsor booths, live chat, and polling and surveys. By designing a branded hybrid stage around the needs of your attendees, you can make your hybrid events feel real and engaging.
On top of this, Eventtia’s hybrid conference software includes pre-built modules that map out the entire attendee journey for you. Create branded websites, emails, hybrid stages and surveys all via a single, intuitive dashboard.
Eventtia’s hybrid event management software integrates with a wide variety of payment platforms, streaming platforms, and audience engagement tools. Additionally, Eventtia can be integrated with Zapier through our application.programming interface (API).

Payment platforms: Stripe, PayPal, PayU, Mercado Pago, Wompi
Streaming platforms: Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, YouTube, Webex.
Audience engagement tools: Slido, Mentimeter, Sparkup .
Yes, we offer both. We offer a live demo to give you a general overview of the hybrid conference platform and to show how the platform can be built to fit your specific requirements.

Once you get a feel for the platform we then offer you a 15-day free trial where you can get a feel for Eventtia and discover what it can do for your event management and planning.

Get the best of both worlds by unlocking the benefits of physical and digital with the best hybrid events software